10 kettlebell guidelines that should be adopted to construct extra muscle

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"Kettlebells are popular because they are extremely effective, efficient and do not take up a lot of space," said Max Shank, fitness author and owner of Ambition Athletics (maxshank.com).

Shank's love affair with kettlebells is not without foundation. If you ask a room full of fitness experts why they like kettlebells so much, you will surely get a multitude of overlapping answers ranging from their ability to build strength, strength and mobility to their versatility as a fat-burning body. Carve miracle tools. However, to achieve these benefits, you need to make sure that you use this Swiss Army Knife properly for fitness equipment.

Get the most out of the kettlebell with these 10 commandments and check out these effective kettlebell workouts that are suitable for every fitness fanatic.


Kettlebell bids

1. Avoid "squatty" kettlebell swings where the swing looks more like a squat than a hinge.

2. When doing KB swings, drive the bell with your hips instead of lifting it with your arms.

3. Make sure that your setup is technically flawless. Start with the bell away from you, swing your hips to move it, and hold your arms.

4. To generate the most force when swinging two-hand KB, use a bell that makes up about a third of your body weight.

5. Be aware: If your form looks ugly and feels ugly, you probably shouldn't.

6. Focus on single kettlebell exercises and workouts before moving on to double kettlebell movements and routines.

7. Maintain a well-aligned, neutral spine when making bending pattern movements, e.g. B. swinging, cleaning and tearing.

8. Always keep control of the kettlebell.

9. Don't go to the “cool” lifts too soon. If you can't do a solid kettlebell swing, you're not ready for double-KB snatches.

10. It's "kettlebell". A word.


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