Healthy Mexican Recipes – The perfect recipes for your tastebuds and body!

Product Name: Healthy Mexican Recipes – The perfect recipes for your tastebuds and body!


Hey, my name is Daniel Garcia. And I’m a man who has come a long way in terms of health and fitness.

I struggled mightily with my weight from high school all the way through college.

The moment I’d lose weight one week, it SUDDENLY shot up the next week! I had a very bad case of the “yo-yo” effect.

And the reason for this was quite simple….I…HATE….DIETS!

Dieting has never been my thing. I don’t understand how the HECK bodybuilders can eat nothing but broccoli and chicken for MONTHS just for one competition!

It’s just not that serious to me.

Yes, I wanted to be in-shape and have all sorts of muscle definition showing on my body.

But, when I had to sacrifice my delicious Mexican food to get results, I knew this weight loss thing would be an uphill battle.

As you probably guessed by now, I am a full-blooded Hispanic man.

I grew up in a household where Mexican food was our staple diet.

As I’m sure you already know,Mexican food is delicious!

Burritos, tacos, tamales, enchiladas,quesadillas,chimichangas, etc.

You name the Mexican dish & your taste budswill go crazy!

Unfortunately, Mexican food isn’t the mostnutrient-dense food. It lacks protein and is veryhigh in calories and unhealthy fat.

If you REALLY love Mexican food like me, youwill also probably have gone through theweight loss struggle like me.

Maybe you were okay in high school, but started gaining weight in college.

Or maybe you escaped college still having a healthy weight, but your love of Mexican food started showing itself around your waistline once you started working a 9-to-5.

Consider yourself lucky because I couldn’t even escape my teenage years!

As I got older, I began getting seriously into fitness. This led me to becoming a certified personal trainer.

While I had no problem with exercising and breaking a sweat, I couldn’t eat healthy to save my life!

Life would be so much better if we could eat whatever we please and still be in-shape by just exercise alone!

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

I noticed that my personal training clients were having the same issue as me. They would get fit and strong, but have issues with long-term weight loss due to their love of food.

Ironically, most of my clients had an affinity for Mexican food as well.

I desperately wanted to get my clients (myself included) long-term results and put an end to the “yo-yo” effect.

So I started doing a lot of research in an effort to figure out ways to make Mexican food healthy.

Whew!!! That’s all I got to say about all them sleepless nights I endured trying to create this cookbook.

At times, I thought about giving up BUT the thought of having to eat chicken and broccoli to keep weight off pushed me forward.

Now, after months of research and experimentation, I present to you…. Tastier Than Tacos – 100 Authentic Delicious Mexican Recipes To Burn Stubborn Fat & Ignite Your Metabolism!

This cookbook contains authentic Mexican recipes that are low in calories and rich in nutrients.

The recipes include spices that are scientifically-proven to boost your metabolism and ignite fat-burning hormones.

It maintains the deliciousness of traditionalMexican food!

You simply won’t find any other cookbook on themarket like this one. I guarantee it!

So you will absolutely LOVE this cookbook if you:

If these things describe you, then it’s time to make room in your kitchen for my Tastier Than Tacos Cookbook!









Thanks Karina @luna_dreamfit – Enjoy the recipes!!

After trying MEXFIT Revolution, my taste buds were immediately craving more of the same types of flavors. The chicken mole with a side of zucchinis was packed with delicious flavors. Every bite was so fresh and delectable.

I love to be active by working out on a daily basis. I’ve been at it for years. However, my downfall has always been eating and preparing nutritional meals consistently. After talking to Dani about my struggles with eating healthy, he educated me on how his recipes are designed to make not only cooking easier, but grocery shopping as well. It’s such a hassle for me to go to the grocery store to pick out 15 items in order to cook one meal. I eventually throw away some of those ingredients because I only use them to prepare that certain meal every so often. Unlike most other recipes, MEXFIT’s traditional style recipes cuts ingredients needed for meals to a minimum. Many of the ingredients are used in multiple recipes so they don’t end up going to waste. Which means fewer trips to the grocery store for me.

Not only are they great tasting, but the meals are much more healthier for you. I am far from an expert on nutrition, but my conversations with Dani always have me learning about how making small changes in your meals can help impact your body in a positive way. I am excited to have finally found a guideline to cooking that will not only help me live a healthier lifestyle, but for those around me as well. I know my loved ones, including myself, love to indulge in Mexican food on a daily basis. So having a cookbook that helps me change my eating habits long term is something I am definitely benefiting from. Thanks Dani for all your research and hard work!

The food has a unique taste that I have not found in any other low-calorie food. It has a smooth seasoned taste. I do not feel like I'm on a diet while eating this food at all.

I do not feel hungry all the time at all anymore, and I don't feel super full after eating either.

I have more energy than before I noticed it after my 3rd meal one day. After the 1st week I noticed I had more energy during the day, my weight decreased by 2 pounds.

I definitely would recommend this book to anyone looking to lose weight effortlessly. Food is delicious so I can eat like this every day. I already have done so for a while now because I know that it's healthier and I will reach weight loss goals. Especially because my energy increased. Plus my entire family can enjoy these recipes.

UPS Mechanic. Busy Dad And Husband

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Here’s the good news, you don’t need to struggle with these issues anymore…

In fact, in just 30 days, you can lose weight while enjoying tasty Mexican food.

Now, you may be thinking how that is even possible, well, here’s how…

It’s not enough to tell you the spices in these recipes burn fat. I’d rather you read it for yourself! I reveal studies that explain how these particular spices help you burn fat.

My Mexican recipes alone help you lose a significant amount of weight. But to make the whole process easier, I created this smoothie book. This book contains smoothie recipes that reduce cravings, increases nutrition intake, and boosts fat-burning hormones!

What’s Mexican food without salsa to go along with it??? In this book, I list different salsas that add a spicy flare to your meal! This introduces variety to meals and replaces unhealthy high-calorie dips, dressings and snacks.

What better way to wake up than to a delicious breakfast that’s
actually healthy for you! This guide provides you with super tasty Mexican-style breakfast recipes!

What’s life without indulging in a tasty dessert from time to time? This guide provides you with healthy Mexican-inspired dessert recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding your

When you sit down at the dinner table after a long hard day, it’s best to fill your body with METABOLISM-BOOSTING grub! This book provides you with dinner recipes that will keep your metabolism elevated throughout the night!

Who said water and tea are the only drinks that are good for you? There are several ways to make drinks healthy….AND TASTY! This guide provides you recipes for just those types of drinks!

To burn fat, it is VITAL that you eat healthy sides. Consistently eating healthy sides makes weight loss much easier! This recipe guide not only contains healthy sides, but DELICIOUS healthy sides!

I understand that you’ve been TRYING to live a healthy lifestyle and can’t seem to lose weight or keep it off. And you probably have tried other programs that had you eating foods that tasted like cardboard.

Well, I’m confident that my cookbook will FINALLY get you over the hump and help you shed inches off your waistline and keep the weight off!

But if you don’t see significant results in 30 days, contact my team and your money will be sent right back to you ASAP. And we are still amigos if you decide to do so!




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My name is Daniel Garcia and I used to be just like you.

I struggled with the yo-yo effect for a long time. Throughout high school and college, I would lose weight….and then I would regain it all back. I was very insecure and self-conscious about my weight and how my physique looked.

My biggest struggle was diet. I really hate dieting!

I couldn’t stick to the chicken and broccoli meals that so many “health gurus” advised me to do. And don’t get me started on the bland-tasting salads!

When I became a personal trainer, I quickly realized that my clients had the same problem. They couldn’t keep weight off because they would revert back to eating “bad” after eating healthy foods for a period of time.

And of all the delicious “bad” foods out there, we all shared a common vice….MEXICAN FOOD!

Growing up in a Hispanic household, Mexican food was my staple diet. I never thought of our food as “unhealthy”.

That all changed when I got older and realized all the poor health within my family. A number of my relatives suffer from diabetes and heart disease, including my dad.

My dad is diabetic and suffered a heart attack in his 40s. Once this occurred, I knew that was a sign that it’s time to make a change for myself and my family.

I was tired of playing the yo-yo dieting game and following strict bodybuilding diets for only a few weeks.

But I was also tired of being unhappy with my body and trying to out-train a bad diet.

Being the avid cook that I am, I went to work devising Mexican recipes that were healthy yet flavorful.

My focus was to lower the total calories and increase the nutrition of a traditional Mexican dish, without sacrificing the flavor.

After a few months of work, my cookbook was complete! Next, I needed to test it out.

In addition to myself, I gave a few recipes to some clients and family members.

Everybody loved it! They started to lose weight WITHOUT feeling like they were on a diet.

And yes, I lost weight too!

I couldn’t believe it! I’d finally cracked the code to eating what I love while being able to live a fit, healthy lifestyle!

My cookbook is so amazing that I knew that I had to share it with others who were in my shoes.

And here you are reading this line.

Look, I understand you probably tried bland diets that made you lose weight in the short term BUT it all came back once you started eating delicious foods again.

This diet won’t do that. In fact, if you love Mexican food, it won’t feel like a diet at all!

The Tastier Than Tacos Cookbook allows you to FINALLY enjoy delicious food and lose weight simultaneously.

Can it get any better than that?

So please give my cookbook a try, my friend!

-Yes!! Some of them are even half the calories compared to the original dishes without sacrificing flavor!! They are design to be lower calorie, higher in protein and nutrient dense.

-Only if you want to, you can easily adjust the heat level to your liking.

-Yes!! Being on a caloric deficit and speeding up your metabolism makes you get rid of body fat, and that is exactly what this recipes are designed to do.

-Of course, I’m committed to help you lose weight and better your health, if I don’t do that, I don’t want your money.

-Yes, besides eating delicious food, you will learn that at the end of the day portion control, balanced meals and nutrition dense foods are the only way to stay fit and healthy for the long run. Soon this will become second nature to you.

-Of course!!  I am a busy man so I love to meal prep. My favorite meal prep recipe is the Barbacoa and Mexican Rice.

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