Do you need to raise heavy once more? Comply with these tricks to train your physique

Many of us are probably thinking the same thing: if our gym reopens and we get under that barbell, the heavy weight we lifted slightly a few months ago will feel like it could break us in half. Squats at 400, 300, and even 200 pounds are a thing of the past – welcome to the new normal.

For those who live in states that don't allow gyms to reopen, the fact is that when we enter an iron paradise, we're a bit weaker than when the coronavirus closed them in March (unless you have a fully equipped gym at home).

When we think about how long it can take to get back to a “new normal”, we can sweat. How long will it take and what will our workouts be like when we go back to the gym?

It all depends on where we were when the doors closed.

Two to five months after we stop lifting, we lose strength and muscles. The longer we exercise regularly, the longer it will take to get weaker. If you've only trained for two months, you will quickly lose what you have built.

Regardless of whether we've been training for a lifetime or only started six months ago, thanks to muscle memory, we can regain a large part of our strength and muscles after just a few weeks of consistency.

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