Cost your exercise with molecular hydrogen

You don't have to be a science fan to understand that our bodies need fuel to get the most out of our workouts. For this reason, the experts at PERFORMIX® have developed PERFORMIX® SST Pre. This innovative pre-workout supplement uses bursts of energy when you need them most, helping to maximize performance in and out of the gym.

What is Molecular Hydrogen?

If you've slept your way through chemistry class, we don't blame you. Put simply, when two hydrogen atoms are bonded together, they form a dynamic duo called molecular hydrogen. These benefits of this charged particle have been debated extensively over the years, as molecular hydrogen was previously studied for its ability to prevent cell disease from occurring. More recently, studies of molecular hydrogen have focused on improving performance, especially in athletes, as the powerful release of antioxidants used in the process of molecular hydrogen activates the body's metabolism while improving cognitive cognition. Molecular hydrogen has also been shown to aid a healthy inflammatory response in our bodies and protect our vital cells from stress-related damage. If you want to unleash your inner chemistry nerd, you can refer to some scientific journals on molecular hydrogen, like the one found here.


t only is PERFORMIX® SST Pre available in ridiculously delicious flavors like Blueberry Lemonade and Orange Vanilla Cola, but it's specifically designed to unleash the power of molecular hydration and maximize performance before, during, and after your workout. The patent-pending molecular hydrogen matrix in PERFORMIX® SST Pre prevents the build-up of lactic acid, which reduces the dreaded muscle fatigue, while increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (better known as ATP), which simply provides the energy our cells need to perform our workouts to charge.

Performix SST

Ok, besides the impressive molecular hydration, there are a few other advantages that PERFORMIX® SST Pre brings to the table:

Increased mental focus:

PERFORMIX® SST Pre features mind-blowing ingredients like caffeine, ashwagandha, and huperzine A. This powerful combo can improve your mental focus and ensure you can keep doing strength throughout the day without a post-workout slump.

Energy booster:

As PERFORMIX® shrewdly says on its website, "Don't count your workouts. Let your workouts count." The best way to keep your workouts counted is to revise your body for even the most intense exercises. The ones in PERFORMIX® SST Pre contains a combination of caffeine, TeaCrine® and yohimbine combines with molecular hydrogen in order to use the energy from the body's cells and to master every workout.

Fat Burner:

PERFORMIX® SST Pre is designed to increase your metabolism and ensure that you continue to burn fat after exercising. Super helpful while we sit at those endless ZOOM meetings with coworkers.


If you're still not convinced of the benefits of PERFORMIX® SST Pre, find out more about why athletes like John Cena and "average guys" like you and me have charged their training PERFORMIX® SST Pre.

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