The "Finish Zits Now" marketing campaign is taken into account the gold customary for pimples therapy

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Let's face it (no pun intended), clear skin is important to everyone! However, getting access to a dermatologist has always been a challenge.

Perhaps even more challenging was the ability to afford the right prescription drugs. That's why Board-certified dermatologist and Fellow of the American Board of Dermatology, Christopher Rex M.D., took matters into his own hands. Dr. Rex created a campaign he called "End Acne w". Both in the office and virtually through telemedicine, the system was developed by Dr. Rex designed to help acne sufferers efficiently.

Unlike many skin conditions with limited treatment solutions to cure, acne is not one of them. In fact, Dr. Rex the treatment outcome of acne and says: "Depending on how aggressive a patient wants to be, acne is curable!"

Dr. Rex created a campaign he called "End Acne w". Courtesy Image

Dr. Rex takes a two-step treatment approach:

Step 1: Find out what is causing the acne. Is it because of the hormonal shifts in puberty (9-15 years) and adulthood (21-35 years)? Or is it because substances are taken orally (medication) or applied to the skin (pomades)?

step 2: Start its basic treatment, which hits the two main components that lead to acne:

  • Bacterial Component - Unfortunately, most people only treat the bacterial component with over-the-counter products. This gives only temporary relief and less than 50 percent improvement.
  • Oil Producing Component - To get 70 percent and more results, you need to tackle excess oil production. This is where your dermatologist is crucial. To fully cure acne with severe scarring and self-esteem, and to leave a smiling, confident person, a real partnership between patient and dermatologist is required. This includes proper clinical decision-making, proper medication, and patient compliance with the prescribed regimen. Dr. Rex explains: “(He) loves to treat acne when (his) patient is ready to go all the way and do whatever it takes, because then he can say“ Men's Warehouse ”like the famous commercial : “They are I guarantee you how you look. "

In order to be able to access the right medication, Dr. Rex partnered with a company called Prescriber & # 39; s Choice. Via the affiliated FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, Dr. Rex adjust the medication, keep inventory and deliver it to his patients at the time of their visit.

Dr. Rex's own words say it best: "Prescriber's Choice makes patient care extraordinarily efficient for doctors and patients. The medical environment we live in today constantly confronts my patients with barriers to access best medication for their illnesses. If it's not the lack of insurance coverage, then it's the high cost of the medication. Prescriber & # 39; s Choice's unique model enables me as a doctor to give my patients direct access to the right medication at the right one Grant price.

The ability to pick up their medication immediately for patients increases compliance. First and foremost, it ensures that they are not receiving the medication as a substitute and therefore start treatment as soon as they get home. The cost of a drug can hinder procurement and this can be done in the office rather than when the patient comes to their pharmacy. Some patients only take some of their medication and may be given the least important medication needed to make them better.

The ability to give a patient a prescription immediately after their disease is diagnosed is valued by all of my patients. You can go home immediately and begin your healing. This was particularly beneficial in patients trying to limit their exposure due to COVID 19. They didn't have to wait for their medication in the pharmacy.

There are better results when a patient is given the right medication and can start treatment right away. Any good doctor is utterly disheartened to find out that their patients have not received a prescription due to restrictions put in place by insurance companies called prior approvals. This is a system that is preventing patients from getting the drugs their doctors know will get better faster. This roadblock occurs primarily in the pharmacy when the patient is out of the clinic and therefore the patient is sick and suffering while paper is pressed to see if this drug is approved for coverage by their insurance. This delay in care is miserable for patients who can go days or weeks without the much-needed medication. Prescriber choice is the future of medicine as it directly provides a crucial key to any physician trying to provide instant solutions to their pain and suffering to their patients. "

Learn more about Dr. Rex's new "End Acne w" system.

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