How Angelica Teixeira exercised perseverance all through her profession

It's easy to see how beautiful this bikini champ is and how amazing her body is. What is difficult is knowing how to pronounce her last name: It's tea shera.

Teixeira is her married name and her husband is of Portuguese descent. "I heard my name being pronounced the way you can imagine it," says Angelica. "I'm glad you showed how to say it correctly."

Angelica Teixeira was born on March 10, 1984 in Brazil. She practiced jazz dance for eight years, which helped strengthen and tone her body from a young age.

As Angelica says, it was natural for her to lead a healthy lifestyle. This was partly because she was surrounded by people who took her health and physical appearance seriously. As she says: “In Brazil, almost everyone is very fit. You are always surrounded by fit people and this makes you very aware that you are in good shape. "

Brazilians are generally very body conscious, explains Angelica. Brazilian women wore the skimpiest of bikinis long before this fashion became popular in the United States.

The problem was, in a county full of curvy women, Angelica was so thin as a girl that others would make fun of her. So she decided to develop her body with weight training.

Angelica had one problem, however - she was too young to lift weights. She was 14 years old and, for legal reasons in Brazil, she was told that she could only train in the weight room when she was 18.

As a result, Angelica was left with no choice but to take group classes until she was 18. At this point, in addition to exercising with a simple set of dumbbells, she began doing various bodyweight exercises - which drove her determination not to be able to lift heavier weights despite the limitation of staying fit.

"When I was finally able to do weight training in the gym," she explains, "my training bible was Arnold's new encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding. I learned how to do all the exercises and I learned how to diet to get the muscles to maximize and stay lean at the same time. It was an invaluable training. "

When Angelica was finally able to sign up for her first gym membership, she started working out harder than ever. It was then that Angelica began to set new goals, such as becoming a personal trainer. To become a certified trainer, however, she first had to acquire a four-year college degree in physical education. After four years of study, Angelica graduated from college with a degree in sports and was qualified to work as a personal trainer.

Angelica married her husband in 2007. After several years as a fitness trainer, Angelica's husband took him to Texas in 2008.

Amanda Suarez

One problem for Angelica was that she didn't speak English. So she took a job as a digger in a supermarket. "This job was so valuable to me," she explains. "When I worked in the store and watched a lot of TV, I ended up learning English and it opened up all kinds of opportunities for me."

"It is very gratifying for me," she explains, "that I am now featured on the covers of magazines that are on display in the market where I used to work as an excavator."

After almost five years, she made great strides in mastering the English language and was finally able to focus on her fitness career.

“I could try giving classes at a New Jersey gym, not sure it would actually work. Fortunately it did. After a few weeks my classes got so popular that they were full and my work as a fitness trainer in the US finally started. "

After 11 years of training in the gym, Angelica decided to enter a muscle competition in 2013. She competed in both bikini and body shape, and when she first got on stage, she had a much better idea of ​​what her goals had to be with exercise and nutrition.

“I noticed on social media that a lot of people started to compete. People who were coaches and class teachers. That's where I thought to myself, "I can do this," mainly because it can only help me train my customers in this process. "

“My first competition was only figure and I finished 16th. In my third show, I went over figure and bikini for the first time. And then I fell in love with the bikini department. "

“Because of my genetics and how hard I train,” says Angelica, “I've always had very developed quads and legs. Actually too much for bikini. So I had to cut down on my lower body training to achieve a look that bikini judges are looking for. There is now the wellness category that has been described as a "bikini for women with bigger legs" that offers opportunities for women with more developed lower bodies.

Angelica originally had no plans to make bikini contests her career. Her only goal was to enrich her training, diet and pre-competition experience so she could deliver better results to her clients.

But as Angelica says; “Originally, the competition was supposed to be a one-off for me. And here I am now, having played 36 shows. "

Over time, Angelica achieved immense success as a bikini competitor. She started competing in 2013 and in just three years won a staggering 12 of the 22 competitions she competed in - becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro in the process.


In 2017 Angelica reached the peak of her bikini career. Her first spot at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival was her first of the year, which was just an indication of what was to come later.

In September 2017 Angelica took part in the Olympia, the world's largest bodybuilding competition. When she took to the stage in her best version to date, she improved her 2016 result and won the Ms. Bikini Olympia 2017 crown. With this achievement, Angelica earned her place among the greatest athletes to compete on the Ms. Olympia Bikini stage adorned.

She wins the title again in 2018 and is now preparing for the 2020 Olympic bikini competition. Her goal now is to win her third title at Frau Bikini Olympia.

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