How Northern Chill contributed to hydration on this yr's Olympic competitors

One of the most effective ways to make an impression on your base is to leave a box of your product on the doorstep.

To keep the IFBB athletes hydrated in their Olympic training endeavors, rthern Chill, the fast growing producer of naturally alkaline mineral spring water, delivered a generous "contest prep" supply of its bottled water to a number of Olympic competitors in theirs in early fall respective gyms.

The feedback from the care package was as great as the broadcasts themselves. IFBB athletes, including two-time defending champion of Olympia Women & # 39; s Physique, Shanique Grant, Olympia 212 competitors Hidetata Yamagishi and Shaun Clarida, and the IFBB bikini Competitor Ashlyn Brown shared their passion for aqua on social media.

"Can you tell me that I canceled #NORTHERNCHILL TODAY on my @ DRINKCHILLH2O ?!" Grant recently wrote in a recently published Instagram post.

As one of the main sponsors for this year's Olympic Weekend, which was recently relocated to Orlando, rthern County Chill CEO Curt Kufner said his company was inspired by the efforts made by the Olympic Athletes Show Day In and Day Out in preparation for the largest bodybuilding event.

"In this way, we support their competition preparation efforts and ensure that these top athletes are provided with the highest level of hydration as they prepare for the most important event of the year," said Kufner recently.

Since each IFBB has chosen their workout, conditioning, and diet for next week's event, adding sufficient amounts of rthern Chill can be considered a supplement. Each bottle of rthern Chill, which donated more than 50,000 cases of water for first aiders earlier this year, contains the essential nutrients and minerals including bicarbonatethat helps regulate the pH level in the body; Calcium, a key mineral for bone and tooth health;; magnesium, which is essential for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body's main source of energy; Sodium, Perhaps the most important mineral in the body that helps balance water levels in and around your cells and help maintain blood pressure. Chloride that is essential for maintaining hydration in athletes; and potassiumthat supports kidney and heart function, including prevention of kidney stones.

"The Olympic opportunity is a perfect fit for our brand as we want to introduce rthern Chill to the global fitness community," he said recently. "rthern Chill's naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes are known to help regulate nerve and muscle function, among other things, which help our bodies function more effectively."

Recently acquired by Jake Wood, Mr. Olympia has been the supreme achievement symbol in the world of physique and fitness competition for more than half a century. In recent years, the Olympia brand has expanded to serve as a showcase for the entire fitness movement.

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