Study the calorie-free strategy to energize your exercise

This article was produced in collaboration with Zevia Energy.

"This is the year I'll do it …" is probably the mantra for many of us as we try to start the new year and walk on the right foot. From adjusting course diets to setting fitness goals for the year (these marathons don't exactly run by themselves), we spend the first few weeks of the month getting involved in our new wellness routines while actively looking for the best products and solutions to help us achieve these New Years successes. Whether you're trying to improve your stamina, lift heavier weights, or just improve your overall athleticism, your new exercise routines are not being comprehensive. So why should you consider what drinks you are consuming?

Get to know the sugar-free, calorie-free and clean energy drink Zevia Energy.

A sweet conversation

Despite all of the new devices, trackers, and other tech products designed to help you run faster or jump higher, one thing will always be the enemy of reaching your stranded body: sugar. Sure, an energy boost is something we can all use, especially when it comes to powering up our workouts. But that's how we get this burst of energy that harbors hidden dangers. Many popular exercise-oriented drinks are full of hidden sugars and high in sodium, which makes us feel the effects of a post-workout dip. With Zevia Energy there is no sugar, no calories and no sodium. Just 120 mg of organic caffeine provides a boost that will make you feel good.

The Zevia Energy range is naturally sweetened with stevia. Unlike most other calorie-free sugar substitutes, stevia actually comes from a plant. Technically, if you really wanted to, you could grow your own stevia plant. It is native to Paraguay, where leaves of the plant have been used to sweeten foods for hundreds of years. In fact, stevia can deliver 200 times the sweetness of sugar without the extra calories or the associated risks of high blood sugar, which is why Zevia energy drinks are ideal for anyone looking to start their New Year wellness goals on the right track, especially those who want to stay focused and active while improving their healthier lifestyle by reducing sugar intake.


A variety of flavors

Part of what makes workout drinks so popular (aside from those enticing fake colors) is their sweetness. From red to orange to grape, our bodies and taste buds have been trained over the years to crave these artificial flavors and colors, giving us a false sense of security when it comes to maximizing our fitness goals. For this reason, Zevia Energy is the ideal choice for everyone who wants to forego sugary soft drinks as part of their resolutions for a healthy lifestyle. Available in mango-ginger, raspberry-lime, cola, and grapefruit, Zevia's calorie-free drinks are bursting with flavor while cutting down on unnecessary grams of sugar so we don't have to compromise on taste and sweetness.

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<h2>Fad proof</h2>
<p>Zevia energy drinks are not only artificial, but also artificial. Gluten free, kosher, and vegan, it's the only drink you can turn to no matter what new workout or diet frenzy you're getting into. The product line is so versatile that it can be used as part of a paleo diet or incorporated into intermittent fasting through some delicious recipes such as chocolate cakes, pies, energy bowls and mocktails.</p>
<p>Regardless of your wellness resolutions or current fitness obsessions, you can be sure that Zevia Energy is the sugar-free and calorie-free method to energize your training.</p>
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