Rapha Status Newbie Biking Collection returns with 12 occasions

The organized sporting events were really successful in 2020, but there are still brighter days to come and we could soon see the return of our favorite races and competitions. An encouraging sign: Rapha Prestige, a series of amateur-only cycling events held in beautiful locations around the world, is returning this year (for the time being). Twelve events on five continents are on the calendar, the first is planned for May.

Prestige events have been held for 14 years and pose a unique challenge for cyclists. The rules are pretty simple: small groups of amateur riders have to start and finish as a team and pass all the checkpoints on the track together. That being said, things get complicated: every event is unsupported, and drivers are responsible for finding their way and bringing all of their own groceries, supplies, and repair gear.

The routes take cyclists both on-road and off-road through famous locations around the globe (past prestige events took participants to Malaysia, Spain and the Ozark Plateau in Arkansas), making these events a real draw for cyclists strong legs and one leg makes even stronger sense of adventure.

Courtesy of Rapha

The Rapha Prestige Sanjo is the first event in the 2021 series and will take place in May on a mountainous route through Niigata, Japan. The organizers hope that the Covid restrictions will have relaxed by then. Later in the year, Prestige will also travel to famous locations in Australia, Europe and rth America. Prestige Riga in Columbia County, NY is slated for September and Prestige Santa Barbara is slated for October.

Mt. participants from Riga will tackle a 100-mile route that will take them through the hilly terrain of eastern New York, western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. The Santa Barbara event follows back roads through vineyards, canyons, and over two mountain passes. Other locations in this year's list are South Korea, Denmark and Taiwan. However, like almost everything lately, the schedule can change.

Visit the Prestige page on the Rapha website to sign up and stay up to date with the latest news.

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