Examine suggests face masks are secure for intense train

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many public institutions had to wear face covering to limit the spread of the virus. But while wearing a mask during a leisurely business trip or filling your car with gasoline is one thing, some people have raised concerns that obstruction of their airways in the gym while exercising could be problematic.

It was feared that masks could cause shortness of breath and have negative effects on health. Fortunately, there are some encouraging new data in preliminary results from the Monzino Cardiology Center and the University of Milan. A study published in the European Respiratory Journal suggests that masks are actually safe to use during intense exercise because they have little impact on performance.

The scientists monitored the breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels of each subject in both men and women who exercised on bicycles with and without a mask. According to the results of the paper, sessions that included wearing masks had a general impact on participants' ability to undergo intense training, but only by around -10%, which was not a detrimental health risk.

The study acknowledges that all subjects were healthy individuals with a mean age of 40 years. Therefore, more work needs to be done to determine the effects of mask wear on those with heart or lung disease. But for millions of athletes everywhere, these findings will help ensure that masks are safe to wear while exercising.

"This decrease in performance is modest and does not indicate a risk for healthy people who exercise with a face mask, even when they are working at their highest capacity," said Dr. Massimo Mapelli, who contributed to the report.

4 breathable face masks Suitable for workouts

Since it looks like masks will be part of the fitness environment for some time, here are our tips when it comes to comfort and breathability.

Project Rock UA sports mask

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If The Rock is to name a gym accessory, it has to pass the test. The Project Rock UA sports mask was developed with airflow in mind. This 3-layer mask features UA's ISO-CHILL technology to keep the fabric cool on your skin. It was covered with an antimicrobial treatment.

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Mission adjustable sports mask

Couple wearing missionary face masks while stretching and exercisingCourtesy mission.com

Mission's new multi-layer mask is adjustable so you get the perfect fit. This ultra-comfortable face cover is soft and breathable and is made of breathable material. It dissipates excess heat.

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Buff filter mask

Man wearing a Buff Filter face mask for exerciseCourtesy of buffusa.com

Designed with performance in mind, the Buff Filter Mask is easily adjustable and highly breathable. It was developed for all day and long training sessions. This mask has replaceable filters and the fabric is treated with HeiQ V-Block antimicrobial technology.

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Couple with halo mask face masksCourtesy of halolife.io

HALO has a head start in face protection as it was created to protect against air pollution from volcanic eruptions in Indonesia and even forest fires in California and Australia. HALOmasks use filtration to combine “breathing edge” nanotechnology with comfort and style for optimal protection.

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