"MNM" hosts slam social media and hopes for magazines to return

Monday Night Muscle presenters Shawn Ray and Bob Cicherillo are both long-time players in the sport of bodybuilding. Her connections stretch back to the 1970s as fans and with her own career in the mid-80s. Over the course of their decades in the sport, they have seen many changes, including the way information was exchanged. The co-hosts spent time on the latest episode discussing the evolution of the bodybuilding media and whether there was any hope of returning in the future.

Cicherillo on the magazines from the past

“There were 15 different types of magazines and all the expectation to get those magazines was that there was no internet back then. The only way to get the latest information and, you know, to contact the stars and get their classes out there (like) arms, shoulders, especially from Rick Wayne, all these guys, Arnold, everyone out there had one Display . And of course, the competition news, was all in the magazine. "

Ray on how magazines have improved his ability to communicate with viewers on video

“But I think our reference point is the magazines. So while we can articulate it on video, when I think of where I'm from, I think of Bill Dobbins who was great with the camera and pen. (You) took the particular photograph you wanted to take and then wrote down the stories about it. Pretty much everything I talk about comes from the training we got in the magazines and in the bodybuilding books. "

Cicherillo on the importance of being on a cover

"Hypothetically, I don't care if it's paper or a monthly digital version, but it looked like a magazine." That has credibility. That had weight. If you were on the cover of FLEX before, or Muscle & Fitness even more because it had a wider audience, that was huge! "

Ray on hunting for preference versus searching for content

"I don't know why or how we got to the place where it was about likes or follow. For me it was always about substance and content. I mean, I want to follow someone because they bring out similar content and energy, When I went to magazine I bought FLEX magazine and got Muscle & Fitness for what was in it, the content, it meant something, it was applicable to my life and it made me want a better one Wanting to become an athlete. "

Among the other topics the co-moderators cover are top writers, photographers, social media opinions, and more. Fans old and new will enjoy this episode which can be seen on the Digital Muscle YouTube channel. This is broadcast every Monday at 6 p.m. along with every episode of “MNM”. European summer time

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