Affect vs. AEW: Wealthy Swann talks about train, food plan and "rebel".

Rich Swann is riding a wave right now. On March 13th, the soaring pro wrestler defeated Moose and became the undisputed impact wrestling world champion. And although that was no easy task, he will now play the most important match of his career, because in a historic precedent for wrestling, the Impact World Champion will compete in a title after title against AEW champion Kenny Omega. Interpromotional Match at the Rebellion Pay-per-View on April 24th. While Swann has held titles in multiple doctorates and has an impressive résumé that includes the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and RCW Cruiserweight Championship, it is accepted that titles are normally only contested within the limits of the promotion to which they belong. An Impact vs. AEW championship game throws that tradition away and offers some exciting opportunities.

Could Omega hand over the Impact Wrestling Gold to AEW? Could Swann take Omega's coveted AEW harness and wear it at future impact wrestling events? Swann shares his thoughts on a number of topics including his attitudes towards health and fitness, how he started out with sports entertainment, and whether he is ready for a match that will haunt the entire pro wrestling world.

When did you first discover that you had a knack for the high-flying style of pro wrestling?

It came at a very young age. When I was young my brother introduced me to professional wrestling, and when I saw the likes of Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Juventud Guerrera in the WCW cruiserweight, it felt like I was seeing real ninjas. They were like real superheroes, like Power Rangers, doing all these crazy things. When I was 5 years old, I did backflips from the couch (laughs). I never did gymnastics. It was difficult to play sports while I was in high school because I was already wrestling by then. In Pennsylvania, they have a state sports committee, and if you're part of a paid sport, you can't participate in any type of athletics within the school board. I was self-taught and have always loved the daring aspect of soaring.

You're one of those pro wrestlers who are just as exciting, dancing and interacting with everyone during your entrance as you are when you get in the ring. How important is it for wrestlers to present the full package of entertainment?

You know, the only thing I've ever been told is that the very first thing the audience will see of you is your ring entrance. That is the very first impression. When I get out I want to let people know that they are going to have a hell of a show. You are seeing something that you may not have seen before. I try to set the bar as soon as I step out of the curtain. It has helped me and it has worked for my career.

What types of foods do you like to eat?

Right now I'm eating pretty clean and then I'm having a cheat day with my wife (pro wrestler, Su Yung). But I usually stick with tuna or tilapia and chicken breast. I stay away from fried foods until scam day. With the Pay-Per-View Rebellion, I'm just trying to eat as cleanly as possible.

Pro wrestlers typically have a low-carb diet, but this is a challenge when you're injured or tired and in need of extra energy. Is it tempting to review some of your macro goals?

Yes indeed. If you are on a low carb diet and then have to wrestle, you have to find that energy. You just have to be careful (so as not to overdo it) and dedicated. The only person who really showed me that kind of commitment was Adrian & # 39; Pac & # 39; Neville. When we were in Japan, he gave me the commitment to trust the process.

The life of a pro wrestler is known to be very hectic, but since the beginning of the pandemic have you realized that the lack of constant travel means that you need to burn more calories in other ways due to the lack of constant travel?

Yes, I swam a lot at home in Florida. In my spare time, I have also found that swimming helps my body heal. It's great cardio, that's something I've been doing more these days.

How is your training going ahead of the big game at Impact Rebellion?

I definitely like weight training. When I was much younger I tried to lift as heavily as possible, but now, having had injuries, surgeries and the like over the years, my exercise routine and style has changed so I do a lot of light lifts and things which are good for the joints. I do a lot of stretching and a lot of yoga. I'm just trying to keep the body in order.

Your match against Kenny Omega is big news, and rightly so. How important is it to you

It's very important, and not just important to my career, but I think it's important to the whole wrestling industry. The match everyone will see in Rebellion on April 24th just never happens, that situation just never happens. You have two world champions from two different companies appearing on two different television channels. You just don't see it.

If I get the chance to beat Kenny Omega, it will solidify me. You know what I mean? It would take me to the very top with many sizes.

You worked very hard to achieve this position in your career. Do you think hard work pays off?

Yes. I would tell everyone that. The more you hold your nose to the grindstone and blast your bum for what you believe in, the more it will pay off, and I believe I am living proof of that.

Follow Impact Wrestling in the US on AXS TV. Pro wrestling fans in the UK can also watch episodes for free on the Impact Plus app. The world can watch Rich Swann v Kenny Omega in the pay-per-view rebellion on FITE.

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