The perfect pull-up bars for a killer exercise at dwelling

If there is one thing that comes close to perfect exercise, it is pullup. It works on the shoulders, arms and back and also increases stamina and flexibility. Vary your form and you can strengthen your core and train other muscle groups that rarely see action. And you can do them almost anywhere - no gym required. For this reason, pull-up bars are a must for home fitness.

What should you watch out for?

wadays, pull-up bars are more than just a simple bar over a door. They offer variable handles, adjustable placements, and versatility that make them a key component of your home workout. There are several types of pull-up bars to choose from:

  • Door opening: These extend the length of a standard door frame. They are inexpensive and easy.
  • Assembled: These are either attached to a wall or ceiling and are generally the most sturdy type of chin-up bar. They also vary widely in cost. Inexpensive ones can be found for less than fifty dollars; More stable options can cost several hundred.
  • Tower: Tall, free-standing devices that take up sturdy (and usually somewhat large) floor space. They are ideal for men with garages or a dedicated gym.

Another important feature: comfortable handles. Your hands will thank you.

If you're in the market for a pull-up bar, our list below offers a wide variety of styles and prices. Grab one and get to work.

OneTwoFit pull-up bar for wall mounting Courtesy Image

Most versatile: OneTwoFit pull-up bar for wall mounting

For a full body workout, this OneTwoFit option is hard to beat. It is made of high-performance steel, can carry up to 40 kg and has padded back and arm cushions. Better still, it can be installed as either a dive station or a pull-up bar, and you can also add resistance straps or even a punching bag for additional cross-training.

($ 275;

Got it

Titan Fitness multi pull-up on the wallTitan Fitness multi pull-up on the wall Courtesy Image

Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar: Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Multi Pull Up Bar

This wall-mounted multi-bar from Titan Fitness has a sturdy 12-gauge steel construction with a non-slip powder coating and is designed for a lifetime of hard training. You won't be bored either. The eight bars allow almost unlimited grip options and make it easier to attach gymnastic rings, resistance belts or suspension trainers such as TRX.

($ 80;

Got it

Perfect multi-gym sportPerfect multi-gym sport Courtesy Image

Best door pull-up bar: Perfect multi-gym sport

This pull-up bar offers an entire gym with just one simple piece of equipment. Used as a chin-up bar, it offers three different grip positions, but you can also toss it on the floor and use it for dips and push-ups as well. Plus, rubber pads protect your walls, floors and door panels from scratches while also providing a locking handle no matter what movement you make.

($ 35;

Got it

Ultimate Body Press ceiling mount chin-up barUltimate Body Press ceiling mount chin-up bar Courtesy Image

Best chin-up bar for ceiling mounting: Ultimate chin-up bar for ceiling mounting

You don't have room on the wall or door for a pull-up bar? This ceiling-mounted option is the way to go. The four ergonomic grip positions and the high-density foam make it particularly convenient to use. The reversible risers can be mounted under 16 "or 24" ceiling joists for additional installation flexibility.

($ 130;

Got it

Flybird door pull-up barFlybird door pull-up bar Courtesy Image

Best adjustable pull-up bar: Flybird door pull-up bar

screws, no drilling, no problem. This bar can be extended from 28.3 "to 36.2" to fit almost any doorway. The 360-degree safety locks prevent unwanted rotation, the soft PVC mats at each end prevent the bar from slipping and the padded grip surface is perfect for a variety of bodyweight exercises.

($ 80;

Got it

Rogue MIL Pullup StationRogue MIL Pullup Station Courtesy Image

Best freestanding chin-up bar: Rogue MIL chin-up station

This sturdy freestanding chin-up bar meets military specifications for the Army Combat Fitness Test, so you know it's ready for your home workout. It comes with an adjustable bar and detachable step, and the 62-inch spacing between the supports allows for plenty of room for all kinds of exercises (including the "Leg Tuck" event in the Army fitness test).

($ 375;

Got it

Weider Power TowerWeider Power Tower Courtesy Image

Best Power Tower: Weider Power Tower

If you have enough space, a power tower offers maximum versatility. This highly rated option comes with handles and pads for all types of body weight movements, including dips, pushups, and knee lifts - a true full body workout with just one machine.

($ 133;

Got it

Team Beachbody Chin Up BarTeam Beachbody Chinup Bar Courtesy Image

Best Chinup Bar: Team Beachbody Chinup Bar

Chinups are a great way to get your biceps bulging in time for summer. This bar offers multiple grip positions - from a tight grip to a hammer grip - that target your porcini mushrooms from multiple angles. It only takes a few seconds to set up, so you can always get a fast pump up and running.

($ 60;

Got it

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout BarIron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Courtesy Image

Best Budget Pick: Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

This bar from Iron Gym is a simple setup that leaves you with extra cash in your pocket. It has everything you need. It offers three foam grip positions, requires no additional hardware or permanent installation, and can even be used on the floor for wide grip pushups.

($ 25;

Got it

Intent Sports Pullup Assist Band SystemIntent Sports Pullup Assist Band System Courtesy Image

Best for Beginners: Intent Sports Pullup Assist Band System

When you need a little boost to get over the bar, this system from Intent Sports delivers. Attach it to a pull-up bar and route your feet through the loop at the bottom to balance your body weight while doing the pull-up. You can adjust the boost (up to 130 pounds) simply by changing the length. It's a great option for building muscle and confidence while working on unsupported pull-ups.

($ 40;

Got it

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