The 5 Fitness center Pet Peeves Who Made Johnny & # 39; Bananas & # 39; drive

Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio has come a long way since he first rose to fame on MTV's "The Challenge" in 2006. As a recurring contestant, he's now victorious on the show six times, taking part in challenges that have put his physical and mental limits to the test.

Devenanzio doesn't think about climbing or falling from great heights, and as a fan of outdoor exercise and extreme sports, he attributes much of his success to life at great heights. With COVID-19 still restricting travel, the fitness fanatic is thrilled to see the gyms slowly returning to normal. Still, there are certain things in Iron Paradise that Devenanzio didn't miss. In a chat with Muscle & Fitness, the Celebrity Sleepover host shares his favorite gym haters.

How many of these can you refer to?

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