A Semi-Complete Information to the Worst Michael B. Jordan Film Roles

In Michael B. Jordan's new film Without Remorse, there is a scene in which he prepares in a prison cell to be attacked by a group of armed guards armed with armor, shields, helmets and batons. As the steps of the guards approach the cell, Michael B. Jordan as ex-Navy SEAL John Clark takes off his shirt, puts his hands on, covers himself and the floor with water and hits his head to get the adrenaline going to bring Prepare his body and brain for battle.

When the first wave of guards walks in, he unleashes a flurry of punches, kicks, twists, and jiujitsu movements that quickly disassemble and destroy the entire crew. It's a tornado of violence that ends when it says it ends.

Jordan is described as a "badass" in an early scene in the film, but it is only in this prison cell brawl that we really see the depths of his badasserie. The fight scene is reminiscent of a high point of the various tough characters Jordan played. The punches and the will are clearly Adonis Creed. The cockiness and the hand-to-hand combat are vintage killmongers. Some of the new skills are obviously his new creation, John Clark.

This, of course, begs the question: which Michael B. Jordan character would be the most dominant?

We proceed in reverse order:

5. The human torch

What? Don't you remember the 2015 remake of The Fantastic Four with Jordan as the Human Torch, Miles Teller as Reed Richards and Kate Mara as Sue Storm? It's understandable. The film was in development and then trapped in the no man's land between 20th Century Fox and Marvel and will be one of the last films based on Marvel characters rather than being produced by Marvel itself. Jordan plays the human torch and since we don't include superpowers on this list, the character is the least reliant on physical presence and without the ability to fly and the whole body on fire thing, he's just a guy.

4. Adonis Creed: Creed

For the purposes of this list, we'll split Jordan's physique and strength into Creed and Creed 2. Jordan went out of his way to make Adonis Creed the likeness of his film father Apollo Creed, who was played by Carl Weathers in the original Rocky films - from the way he moved around the ring, to his mannerisms, to his NFL who have run the back-level builds. He was very impressive, but this is the version of Creed that was hailed by Viktor Drago. Of course, it can't be higher.

3. John Clark: With no regrets

Clark seemed about the size of Adonis Creed (Creed 1), or maybe a bit smaller, as he had to recover from about five bullets on the body before we actually saw him in action. The reason we bump into Clark over the original Adonis Creed is because of the variety of his fighting skills. Apparently, Clark, who is fighting for the revenge of his murdered wife and daughter, has a very different motivation than Adonis in the first creed. Being able to dive into that anger would likely give Clark an edge over the early Adonis.

2. Adonis Creed: Creed 2

Adonis Creed in Creed 2 is MBJ's physical masterpiece. He's about as massive and jacked up as his entire career. He's been to Hell and back too, after being destroyed by Ivan Dragos spawn in their first match. In order to properly train him for the rematch, Rocky Balboa takes him to the desert and takes him through a series of old school, new school and prison training courses to steal him as hard as possible mentally and physically. While Viktor Drago is physically taller, Adonis goes head to toe with him, suggesting that no living man can survive (except maybe Rocky himself), and he wins. This version of MBJ would be almost impossible to defeat. I said "almost".

1. Erik "Killmonger" Stevens: Black Panther

Killmonger combines the athletic skills of Adonis Creed with the military training of John Clark (the nickname Killmonger comes from his savage killing style as an elite soldier of the Black Ops). Given the U.S. military's training, the Adonis Creed, the fact that he had royal Wakandan blood in his veins, and the fact that he defeated T & # 39; Challah without his Black Panther powers is Killmonger at the top of the Wildness MBJ character food chain.

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