This weighted core exercise will make your abs scream

Abs are the heart of your body. Aesthetics aside, the stronger your athletic performance, the better: you run faster and lift heavier. Add weighted abs exercises to improve your core strength. This training is not about lightning, but about "control and time under tension," says Chase Weber, celebrity trainer and founder of the THR33 Active CBD cream. Your whole body will be recruited for stability, but your abs will scream.

Directions: Perform straight sets by following the prescribed repetitions and sets for each movement. Rest 30 seconds between sets and 60 seconds between exercises. Repeat the workout three times a week - twice as a finisher for full-body or split routines, and once on a recovery day.Weighted hyperextensions Marius Bugge

1. Weighted hyperextensions

How it goes: With your feet and hips anchored above the cushion, lock yourself in a hyperextension or glute ham machine. Hug a weight plate at your chest and bend at your hips to lower it. Slowly lift them up and slowly squeeze the glutes to protect the lower back at the top. You can also use a heavy resistance band: clip it under the hyperextension machine, wrap the top against your neck, and hold the band with your hands.

Recipe: 4 x 15 repetitionsWeighted Copenhagen plank Weighted Copenhagen plank Marius Bugge

2. Weighted Copenhagen plank

How it goes: Put a bench or stool next to your feet. (You don't want it to be too high as you are doing a raised side plank from your forearm.) Lie on your left side, your left forearm on the floor within your right foot resting on the bench. Keep a 25 pound weight plate or vest by the side of your upper hip. Lift your body off the floor and support your weight with your right foot and left forearm. Pro Tip: Make it harder by doing slow hip dips.

Recipe: 5 x 60 seconds per side

Reaching through the side plank cableReaching through the side plank cable Marius Bugge

3. Kettlebell Plank Sweeps

How it goes: Hold a high plank with a kettlebell right in front of your left hand. Reach under your upper body to grab the kettlebell with your right hand and “sweep” or pull the KB with full range of motion. Keep your core tight, your glutes engaged, and your hips straight. Your inclines should propel this exercise.

Recipe: 4 x 60 seconds per side

4. Reaching through the side plank cable (see above)

How it goes: Start in a side plank on the left forearm with your back to the cable machine. Thread your right arm under your body to grab the attachment handle. Tense your core while extending your arm and pulling on the cable until your arm is fully extended. Gently bend your elbows and squeeze the gluteal muscles at the top. Take a short break, then reverse the movement. Move slowly and in a controlled manner.

Recipe: 4 x 60 seconds per side

Rocking crunchesRocking crunches Marius Bugge

5. Rocking crunches

How it goes: With your elbows, press two 5-pound plates flat over your thighs, just above your knees. Rock back and forth without sliding the panels. If that's too difficult, use a yoga block.

Recipe: 5 x 60 seconds

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