Dexter Jackson practically retired 10 years earlier than his precise retirement

When Dexter Jackson accepted his ninth place finish at the 2020 Olympics, it was the completion of a 22-year bodybuilding career that many consider to be one of the greatest of all time. The 2008 Mr. Olympia, five-time Arnold Classic winner and record holder for professional victories (29), accompanied Dennis James in this week's episode of "The Menace Podcast".

After meeting with DJ and talking about life in the moment, the two bodybuilding legends talked about his career. Jackson announced that he was considering retiring ten Priors for the year he actually did because of some accomplishments he felt were subpar.

"That's why I wanted to back off. I was just about to hang up. I wanted to make a phone call and hang up," Jackson said. "I always said when I start losing to people who have nothing to do with beating me is it's time to retire. "

What Jackson found a fountain of youth was the connection with Charles Glass, who would educate him for most of the second half of his career.

“I would say the first few years were learning. I learned a lot from Charles, ”says Jackson. You know, I could probably train on my own, which I know if I had someone pushing me every step of the way. Don't twist it. I'm not saying that Charles made me. I'm just saying that I needed someone to be there to do what they did. "

The results of the combination of Jackson, Glass, and nutritionist George Farah clearly speak for themselves. Some of Jackson's accomplishments over the last decade of his career include the following.

  • 2012 Masters Olympic Champion
  • 2013, 2015 Arnold Classic Champion
  • 10 Mr. Olympia appearances
  • 2015 Mr. Olympia runner-up
  • Graduated with 29 pro wins (most in bodybuilding history)

The second half of Jackson's career alone could be worth inducting into a Hall of Fame. Put the entire career together and it's obvious why his absence from the stage will take a long time to get used to.

As for Jackson today, he has put his weight at around 225 pounds and he enjoys life without such a strict eating and exercise schedule.

“I love being retired, man. It's like a boulder being lifted off my shoulders, ”he exclaimed happily. "I'm not trying to get bigger, and two or three meals a day are amazing to me. And just not having to eat every two fucking hours is amazing to me in itself."

Jackson and James talk about the 2020 Olympics, spending time with his new grandson, the timeless Albert Beckles, life in retirement, and more. Watch the entire episode on the M&F YouTube channel or in audio form on Spotify by searching for “The Menace Podcast”.

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