Break off the barbell with these three resistance band exercises

A great benefit of training with resistance bands is that the resistance doesn't rely on gravity, so you can do a variety of exercises at different angles to challenge your muscle in all directions for overall toning. Plus, by incorporating band workouts into your routine, you can add variety to your routine and give your joints a break from the constant pounding of the barbell.

Are resistance bands a substitute for barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells? , but used with these tools, bands are great for adding volume and intensity to your workout without crushing you. Before we get into the three workouts, here are three benefits of adding resistance bands to your workout.

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Muscle recruitment

The nice thing about ligaments is that they don't rely on gravity for resistance, so they can do a variety of exercises from all different angles. You can anchor ligaments from anything solid to hit all of your muscles from different angles for better muscle building potential.

Improve the strength curve

The strength curve is the muscle strength that is generated at any point during the entire range of motion of an exercise. Due to joint angles, the resistance is not always constant. For example, bench presses with dumbbells require more force in the first third of the movement than lockout.

The resistance band counteracts this force curve. When the band is not stretched, less force is required to get it moving, but more force is required when locked out, which increases your strength where you need it most, when locked out.

Band workouts are easy on your joints

When you lift barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, or anything else, they put some strain on your joints. But if the ligaments aren't stretched, they put minimal stress on your joints, which is great if you're suffering from joint pain or want to add volume without affecting recovery.

Wrap up

Barbells are great for adding size and strength, but it's great for switching up your workouts to avoid overuse injuries and improve muscle development. Bands give your training volume and intensity while being gentle on the joints and can be used anywhere. What are you waiting for? Your winnings are waiting.

Men perform bicep curl exercises with tape

Join the band workouts

What you will notice about these workouts is the higher volume and intensity as they are geared towards building muscle. And if you train alone with bands, then you are better suited for the higher repetitions in these workouts.

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