Tonal introduces Dwell, a brand new interactive coaching function

If you're unfamiliar with the Tonal magical exercise machine, let this announcement of its new interactive feature be your overdue intro. The home fitness marvel - which uses a digital weight management system as opposed to bulky steel weights to train you - also offers personalized strength training workouts that are managed through AI. Capable of resisting 200 pounds, the device uses its silicon brain and advanced software to "dynamically adjust the weights for each exercise in real time for your most effective workout."

w, however, the workout assistants have added the pandemic's must-have home fitness feature - a live studio component - with their aptly named Tonal Live feature. Starting October 20, this new training format will build on the existing personalized coaching experience with real-time courses specifically tailored to each member and help bridge the gap between the social element of training in a class and the solitude of a home gym .

Standout features include a redesigned Tonal home screen and mobile app that allows users to find and schedule live workouts, access to an on-demand library of previous live workouts, and the ability to review the movements in a workout, before you start. There is also a social zone where you can interact with other members and check out their PRs and milestones, as well as real-time coaching that includes pace cues, feedback and encouragement from the coaches.

"Tonal has always been unique in the way we approached our training content with adaptive weights, individualized pace and form feedback tailored to our members in real time," said Aly Orady, Founder and CEO of Tonal. “As our community has grown over the past few years, we've been encouraged by the organic social engagement, the need for more interaction with our coaches, and the excitement of reaching new milestones. Tonal Live will allow us to combine these elements through a studio experience while maintaining the foundation of what sets our workouts apart: personalization, guidance and feedback. "

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To accelerate the new feature, Tonal has hired four new trainers: Brendon, Nikki, Follow, and Woody. if Tonal live Premiere in October, Live classes are added to their on-demand library (24 hours later), which includes thousands of workouts ranging from strength training to HIIT, yoga to barre.

“The team has done a great job creating a product and content experience that is second to none in the marketplace, especially with the launch of Tonal Live,” said Werner Brell, Chief Experience Officer. "I am looking forward to expanding what has already been created and at the same time developing a new vision of the many possibilities how the Tonal product and content experience can inspire new target groups and bring added value and increased motivation to the lives of our members."

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