Try these Physique Olympic contenders getting ready within the gymnasium

The first Mr. Olympia was in 1965 and there was only one competition. This year, athletes from 11 professional divisions will take to the stage in Orlando, Florida, October 7-10, the weekend in hopes of being declared champions. With the Classic Physique Division being the most anticipated division of the event in 2021, attendees are stepping up their training and bringing it to social media. The participants of the Classic Physique Division 2021, brave enough to show themselves on stage and face the judges, have a physique that will delight old and young fans alike. They may not be as big as the Open competitors, but they have developed a following that is second to none.

The athletes also make it to the gym. You are strong and intense in the weight room, which is what it takes to compete at the highest level. These five men show why they will fight for the Classic Physique Olympic title in 2021 on Instagram to inspire and motivate their fans to do their best too.

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