What's the Olympic expertise?

Joe Weider's 2021 Olympics Fitness and Performance Weekend is now on the history books, and everyone there will cherish the memories for years to come. Athletes, fans, organizers, media, exhibitors and everyone else involved in the Orlando, Florida events will feel the high from the Olympic experience and use it to build on the successes already achieved.

Fans who have seen Olympia on pay-per-view can say they were a part of bodybuilding history, too. As great as the pay-per-view was and as wonderful as the work the team has done to make this possible, it is something special to be in the room with the champions and to see how all the stars present their bodies live . Even if there is no better way to enjoy this experience than to be there, here is a glimpse into the "Olympic experience".

Anticipation and energy


As soon as you check into the hotel or arrive at the building, you see the signs with photos of the champions and that's when you remember. You are in Olympia! The heart rate may increase a little, your senses come alive, and you begin to anticipate what is about to unfold. You can see your favorite athlete personally at any time. Hollywood sports stars and celebrities will be there, and you might meet them. Who will you see Who do you want to win? The possibilities are endless once your feet enter the site of the greatest bodybuilding competitions.


Olympia-Behind-The-Scene-Gold-Confetti-Dexter-Jackson-Brandon-Curry-WinnerAmanda Suarez

You run through the World Fitness Festival, come to prejudice or make your way to the great hall for the Friday or Saturday evening shows. The common theme of all parts of the Olympic experience is that it also serves as a celebration of the sport and endeavors that you are so closely following and in which you participate. You remember why you became a fan and that passion is instantly fueled. It's much more than getting free samples or shirts and seeing who will win. You think about why this is so special to you, you make it a priority to absorb every part of it, and the goal becomes to enjoy every second you have to be there. They're also celebrating your own accomplishments that led you to this point. You take a moment to be proud and then you do whatever you can to make the moments as meaningful as possible.

Commitment to excellence

Olympia-Behind-The-Scene-Juan-Morel-Flexing-Bicep-PoseErica Schultz

As you watch the bodies cross the stage for individual workouts or comparisons, you can see in real time what standards these athletes have for themselves. Each of them is a high-profile performer, and they gave everything they could for those few moments in front of the jury and camera. Hours, days, weeks and even months for a few minutes in bright light. Then you realize that everyone in the Olympics is a leader in their craft. The photographers are the best in the industry, the media that report on these champions want to put the sport in the best possible position and the technicians who do the streams, lighting and stage work have to be in top form at all times.

You see it, you feel that energy and you realize that you have much to do in your own pursuit of personal excellence. You want to perform at a higher level yourself. There is either a conscious or an unconscious decision that once you get home you will also work on improving your game.

Great event feeling

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As you wait in the auditorium for the show to begin, you can feel the excitement and anticipation. Then the stage lights up, the spotlights light up, the music is on and as soon as you hear the Mr. Olympia song you know it's going to be a big deal. You will see the best physical athletes on earth show what they hope to be their absolute best for you. At the end of the 2021 Olympic weekend, 11 world champions will receive their trophies, checks and recognition as the best in the world, and you want to make sure the champion on stage hears your appreciation and appreciation for the moment.

The summary of the Olympic experience is: Every bodybuilding and fitness fan could and should feel all of this for themselves. At the end of the day, there is nothing like watching the Olympics live. As great as the internet is, there's nothing like seeing everyone you follow in 3D. The energy cannot be captured in speakers or a screen. Once you really feel it, you will want to feel it over and over again

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