These boxer shorts are excellent for coping with battle ropes and velvet ropes

For most men, putting on an undergarment for the day simply means reaching to the top drawer and pulling out whatever we can get into our mittens first. We don't spend a lot of time analyzing the quality of our underwear, and yet we know very well what we don't like. Some brief annoyances (understand?) Are chafing, leg riding up, lack of temperature control, and lack of comfort.

Wear Jack Archer's new Jetsetter Boxer Briefs designed to keep your merchandise under control on even the toughest travel, work, training days and nights around town. With flowing fabrics and a supportive pouch to keep your precious merchandise in check, now is the ideal time to give your old, tired underwear the marching orders.

M&F gave you a closer look at what these bad guys have to offer to make your guys feel better.


Man crouches in his Jetsetter Boxer Briefs from Jack ArcherCourtesy Jack Archer

Ultimately styled for ultra comfort

The Jetsetter Briefs are available in three elegant colors (Space Black, Charcoal, Deep Blue) and in 2 inches, 5 inches or 8 inches. These boxer shorts also have the “Zero-G” pocket; "Designed to give your balls a floating feel," says the official website at The design brief for these boxers was to create an undergarment that would hold everything in place and at the same time be so light that it felt like it was barely put on. With a lot of space and the boys in their rightful place, “Ball Crush” is banned for good.

A pair of Jetsetter Boxer Briefs from Jack ArcherCourtesy Jack Archer

Jetsetter Boxer Briefs are the best of the range

Boxer shorts that ride the leg or clump in the worst of positions at the worst times always ruin an otherwise great day. without sacrificing comfort. The 8 inch version is the best here as the pivot shaped legs wrap around your thighs and stay in place so you can enjoy your day instead of constantly adjusting down below. A fabric covered waistband also eliminates the tight, rubbery feel you get from substandard underwear and doesn't roll off every time you tie your shoelaces.

Breakdown of the Features That Come with the New Jetsetter Boxer Briefs from Jack ArcherCourtesy Jack Archer

Get scrubbed with a pair of Jetsetter Boxer Briefs

If bundling isn't bad enough for us, scrubbing is a whole new game when it comes to infuriating us. There is nothing like the agony of being on the move, suffering from excruciating chafing for hours! Fortunately, these briefs put a spell on the chafing once and for all. The fabric doesn't itch - instead it glides on our sensitive areas for easy contact, all complemented by incredibly soft seams. Frictional losses are a thing of the past.

Man carries a pair of Jetsetter Boxer Briefs from Jack ArcherCourtesy Jack Archer

Eliminate the camp with Jetsetter Boxer Briefs from Jack Archer

There are few things sadder than trying to end a busy day with a wet bum. Sweaty skin serves to aggravate the aforementioned riding and chafing and also creates additional problems such as hygiene issues. Fortunately, the Jetsetter's “Ultrasmooth MicroModal®” technology ensures breathable and bacteria-resistant fabric. How refreshing! These thin, airy materials allow better temperature control and faster drying times in hard-to-reach places.

Man reaching into his crotch pocket in jetsetter boxer shortsCourtesy Jack Archer

Easier access to your goods

The humble boxer's development has been slow at best, and the fly area is usually more of a problem than it solves, forcing many caught men to just pull the boxers down instead of wasting a few precious seconds fiddling with them. Fortunately, the jet setter understands that the fight is real and they set out to turn the tide on our access problems. The horizontal fly on these boxer shorts makes it easier to release and there is no need to pull anything down. You can get in and out with one hand. The multitasking mind baffles!

Man pulls the waistband of Jack Archer's boxer shortsCourtesy Jack Archer

Your invisible friend

Of course, most of us would be willing to face the access issues, wet crotch, itchy fabric, and boiling boxer shorts to go unnoticed under our clothes, but with the jet setter, you can have the best of both worlds. Annoying leg prints that appear around the thigh area are given the momentum by flat-tied leg ends that are 80% thinner than average panties. There's no elastic feel, just a comfortable grip that doesn't show through your clothing.

w, when the time to get rid of your old panties and upgrade your underwear drawer, head to the Jack Archer official website.

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