Greetings to Mrs. Olympia Kim Chizevsky

There were reasons beyond her control why Kim Chizevsky did not get the recognition she deserved. For example, when she won the Ms. Olympia title in 1996, she dethroned Lenda Murray, one of the most popular bodybuilders of all time. She was also taller and more muscular than most other women at a time when there was still a lot of resistance among competitors to bulk and extreme muscle strength.

Of course, competitors who would follow a few years later, like Iris Kyle and Alina Popa, would set the standard again, making more mass and muscle the norm rather than the exception. And I remember arguing at the time that "too much" was relative and a sliding scale. But Kim would still suffer a lot of resistance due to her physical development.

Another obstacle for Kim was what the sport calls "overall presentation." Kim was an attractive athlete. But the previous Ms. Olympias was what you might call "glamor girls", strikingly beautiful and excellent bodybuilders. If the standard is Rachel McLish, Cory Everson, and Lenda Murray, that sets a pretty high bar.

Bodybuilder Kim Chizevsky poses in front of a mirror wrapped in silk scarf If some people said they didn't think Kim Chesevsky was glamorous enough, I'll just show them this photo. Bill Dobbins

When Kim started competing as a professional, she didn't put herself into things like hair and makeup, which would show off her aesthetic qualities. But she took steps to correct her overall presentation, and when she won Ms. Olympia in 1996, I remember standing next to Jim Manion and hearing him say how much more beautiful Kim looked on stage.

Muscular blonde bodybuilder Kim Chizevsky Bodybuilders like Kim Chizevsky have legs like a dancer - only a lot more. Bill Dobbins

Unfortunately, first impressions are sometimes stubborn, and many judges and officials have not really taken notice of this change. After her 1996 win, Kim, who was under contract with the Weider organization, was told that her contract would not be renewed unless she switched to the gym. In the face of this pressure, Kim tried to measure herself in fitness with some success, but not with that of her Ms. Olympia bodybuilding titles. She did an excellent job of losing muscle, weakened her stamina, and was able to perform the mandatory fitness stunts and gymnastics, but her natural body structure and size were not well suited for the fitness area. If some thought she was too big and muscular for bodybuilding, imagine what she looked like on a fitness lineup.

Artistic image of bodybuilder Kim ChizevskyGive the term "statue" a different meaning. Bill Dobbins

As a photographer, I've always been aware of Kim's aesthetic qualities and tried to capture them on film rather than just photographing muscle poses. The result was that the viewer of the pictures often did not recognize the motif. Kim along with the guidance of her husband and trainer, Chad Nicholls revolutionized muscle and stamina levels on the professional stage for men and women. In 1996, Kim Chizevsky introduced us to a new level of muscle strength that we had never seen before. I hope the photos I include here help show the viewer how special and remarkable Kim Chizevsky was. People don't believe what they see as much as they see what they believe.

Kim Chizevsky deserves recognition as a great 4-time woman Olympia and 2-time woman international, but also as someone who persevered despite challenges and continued to improve after success. Kim is married to Chad Nicholls and lives in Springfield, Missouri. She is the mother of 2 boys Dominic and Morgan, an IFBB Pro League and NPC promoter.

Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls is considered one of the greatest and most muscular bodybuilders of her time. She became the first female bodybuilder to win both the Ms. International and the Olympics that same year in 1996. Until October 22, 2000, she was the top female bodybuilder on the IFBB Pro Women & # 39; s Bodybuilding Ranking List. In January 2008, Chizevsky was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame.

History of the Kim Chizevsky competition

1999 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1.

1998 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1.

1997 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1.

1996 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1.

1996 IFBB Ms. International - 1.

1995 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 2nd place

1995 IFBB Ms. International - 2nd

1994 IFBB woman international - 5th 1993 IFBB woman Olympia - 5th 1993 IFBB woman international - 1st

1992 IFBB rth American Championship - 1st (HW and overall)

1992 NPC Junior Nationals - 1st (HW and overall)

1991 MPC Midwest Grand Prix - 1st (overall)

1991 NPC Continental USA - 1st (overall)

1990 AAU Central USA - 1st (overall)

1990 AAU Illinois - 1st (overall)

1990 AAU Southern Illinois - 1st (large)

1990 NPC Tri-State - 1st (HW)

1989 AAU Central USA - 2nd (large)

1989 AAU Illinois - 1st (large)

1989 Tri-State Bodybuilding (Illinois) - 2nd (LHW)

Bodybuilder Kim Chizevsky poses provocatively in black lingerieBill Dobbins

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