Health FYI: In case you missed it, right here's what's occurring in wellness

It's been a busy week of fitness, and in this round-up, Muscle & Fitness shares some of the hottest, most impactful stories from the past few days in the world of health and wellness.

Look at her:

Joe Mackey wows with 800lb deadlift on Instagram

On Saturday January 15th, pro bodybuilder Joe Mackey released a stunning clip showing off some seriously insane strength. The IFBB Pro League Open competitor loaded his barbell and deadlifted an incredible 800 pounds for an amazing 3 reps. Incredibly, the bar seemed more tense than the Texas man. The 37-year-old took to Instagram to share news of the lift, which was carried out the week before.

“Only 800 pounds for 3 reps tonight. thing too crazy," Mackey said. “Last week was an easy week so I was expecting a bigger number this week with my program as I lost 840lbs 2 weeks ago. “When I saw the workout today was only 800lbs I honestly didn't have to and didn't get into the zone on that train. “I was doing 800 so many times and the plan was only 2 reps. I've already done 800 for 2, so I figured I'd do an extra rep. Stick to the plan +1 with @jailhousestrong “I know the big number is coming and I'm ready. I laugh at my training partner @john.combs.169 telling me to stop after the 2nd rep because I told him I was only going to do 2.”

With the current official deadlift world record set at 1,105 pounds, Mackey's progress is getting him closer and closer to that huge number.

Oral CBD has been shown to potentially prevent COVID-19 infection

CBD Oil Drop Dripping Pippette Dropper Chemical FormulaHQuality / Shutterstock

On Thursday, January 20th, CBD oil, a dietary supplement popular for pain relief and used by many bodybuilders who say it helps relieve DOMS, was once again linked to blocking a Covid-19 infection in connected. This week, a large peer-reviewed study showed that cannabidiol offers significant protection against contracting and spreading the disease.

In a survey of more than 1,000 people, those who took CBD oil at doses of 100 milligrams per milliliter were less likely to test positive for the virus than those who didn't. Additionally, it is hoped that CBD users will be more likely to kick the virus to the curb more quickly because its metabolite; 7-OH-CDB is thought to block SARS-CoV-2 infection in both early and later stages of infection.

The authors of the report would like to point out that while CBD appears to offer protection against COVID-19, it should not be viewed as a substitute for the vaccine. While more work needs to be done to figure out the right CBD dosage to fight coronavirus, this latest study is one of many that suggest a tangible link between cannabidiol and blocking Covid-19. Speaking to Motherboard - Vice about these encouraging results and the work still to be done on the topic, study author Dr. Marsha Rosner: “We believe it has the potential to be both preventive – so you can think of that for example I travel and CBD is something that if we can make the right product accessible then it should be widely available , should be something that people can expect to need. Or you can get tested and start taking it straight away. The hope is that it would prevent more serious diseases, but we don't know yet. And we would need a clinical study.”

Brianna Joye launches new fitness app


Download my app to do this workout live with me! Link in bio to register! ? #fyp #transformation #fitness

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Also this week, TikTok superstar Brianna Joye launched her "new interactive and immersive fitness app designed to motivate your self-paced fitness journey."

Fans of Joye, including her 1.2 million TikTok followers, can access on-demand workouts designed for every fitness level, and also includes holistic health and wellness content like nutrition and meal plans. There's even a feature to interact with Jolie herself.

"The training has been my salvation through everything," says Joye in a press release. "It's so extremely helpful for the body and mind - something that's especially important right now! I've been working hard to find the perfect platform for everyone and I can't wait for you to see it for yourself in my new BOLD by Brianna Joye app.” Maybe staring at a screen can have health benefits after all!

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