dr J, the health business's Tony Stark, encourages you to unlearn your information of train

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Good health should be the ultimate goal of almost every individual. Unfortunately, despite the high availability of health and fitness-related information, it is still difficult to achieve optimal health, and even seemingly marginal health. If you scientifically examine many of the recommendations pushed by the fitness industry, you quickly begin to see why almost all of them fail. Most of the advice available is wrong. Some of this is research misreading, other examples are so irresponsible as to border on malice, though most likely created with the best of intentions.

This situation prompted Dr. John Jaquish to design with an innovative approach to health promotion. The inventor of the X3 Bar, a patented medical/fitness device, will revolutionize medical fitness. If you are not familiar with his accomplishments, you can access his Instagram account or his personal website.

dr J's X3Bar is designed to develop the body's absolute maximum strength and musculature. X3 does this by delivering higher forces at different points of a given movement than one would use in a gym where the force generating capacity is greater for all people, hence individuals go to higher levels of fatigue and this is what growth is beyond what has been observed with regular cardio and weight lifting. So how did this device come about? It really refers to the first invention of Dr. J

John considers himself an expert when it comes to bone density issues. Because his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis, a bone disorder that causes bones to become weak and more likely to break, Dr. J made it his primary goal to find a way to reverse the condition. He studied the effects of heavy loading on people with both high and low bone density. Typically, a person with poor bone density has a higher chance of sustaining fractures. As such, the medical industry predictably advises exercise to strengthen body structure, but without a dosage or how much strength as a recommendation. What many people don't realize is that it takes more than 4 times a person's body weight to produce any improvement in bone density at all. The early work led Dr. J to invent a series of medical devices that could make this possible for a broader population. And even reversed his mother's bone loss, which was his main motivation.

After the invention of bone density, something about fitness became obvious, and that was that lifting weights was a waste of time because it doesn't scratch the surface of what humans are capable of just to stimulate growth. So X3 became the next evolution.

Training with the X3bar stimulates muscle growth much more effectively. It works like a weightlifting machine with resistance bands connected by a dumbbell-like grip. In contrast to other training devices, the X3bar has a different but much more effective mechanism of action. As a result, it is possible to provoke muscle growth faster than with other exercises.

Although you never go to the gym and only use X3 at home, your body can be at its best physically, which is even better than lifting weights. Most people really have no idea what their genetic potential is due to the limitations of standard fitness equipment and practices. This has dr. John Jaquish proven to the fitness and medical world. With its ingenious X3 Bar, bone density problems will soon be a thing of the past. John has also published a WSJ bestseller, Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time, available on Amazon, which gives full background on his inventions and meal planning. The superior nutrition it provides has propelled the Miami Heat, many other NBA players, as well as professional soccer players and Olympic athletes, to the highest athletic levels they have ever seen.

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