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What really separates the best of the best, from the average performer? What really is that extra gear, or that “thing” that allows a person to consistently achieve, even in the face of adversity? It’s resilience, and Molliteum seemingly found the formula to how to truly build it.

Molliteum was founded in 2015 by Co-Owner Matthew Caldaroni, where he had one mission after returning home from playing soccer in Italy: to discover how to truly help high performers practically apply their mental game. Matthew’s biggest challenge was using the psychological skills given to him by psychologists in performance; they were all great in theory, but either too complex to put into action, or simply not what he needed. So, he decided to crack the code and find the simplest, and most applicable, ways for performers of all kinds to take control of their minds and build their resilience.


In early 2016, Matthew went on to become one of the youngest resilience coaches to work with a professional athlete, being only 22 years old when he worked with his first NHLer. Later in 2016, his brother Chris Caldaroni came on as co-owner where the two have built a company around resilience, helping just over 5, 300 high performers to date. Molliteum has become a “go-to,” in the world of high performance, or the gold standard, helping some of the best in their sport find practical ways to train their resilience, such as Lauri Markkanen, DJ Reed, and Pierre-Luc Dubois, to name a few. Molliteum has been able to work with some of the world’s best Fortune 500 companies and has helped various youth organizations develop a curriculum for resilience. t only that, but they’re on their way to serving thousands in the personal development space, creating resilience programs for the “every day-er” so that they too can experience what the pros do.

What makes Molliteum unique, however, is not necessarily their messaging, but instead their approach. Molliteum, contrary to what most think, is not a mental performance company, but instead a lifestyle brand. They’ve been able to break resilience down to a science, helping people discover their true potential by specifically building their competence, commitment, focus, and toughness, or what they call “the 4 quadrants of resilience.” They’ve even developed a state of the art resilience profile that’s able to score an individuals resilience with 93% accuracy, without Molliteum ever having to speak with the individual; they help people understand exactly how they grade out across 16 different subcategories so that they can work on their resilience in a way that’s specific to them. Matt made it clear they only believe in specificity. Because of this, they’ve been quickly scooped up by various recruitment, and scouting, agencies to help them forecast the future.

Molliteum is a company that’s quickly taking over the market, and one that many need to pay attention to if they want to truly build their resilience. Like Matt says, “We teach people everything they need to know about their bodies, but neglect the mind. We know how to take care of a pulled muscle, or a weak bicep, yet never teach people how to deal with temporary mental setbacks. Too many people are feeling stuck, and as a result, they’re not being the best that they truly can be. People must know how to take control of their minds and practically build their resilience, otherwise when the inevitable adversity strikes, they’ll never see it through. The reason we exist is because we help people discover their true potential, and we’ve found that people’s true potential lies just on the other side of them building their resilience.”

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