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Are you tired of taking medicine, feeling tired, and missing out on life? Well, we have the perfect solution. The Doctor For Fitness Book Of Health will help you to get healthier than you’ve ever been. Have doctors told you that you will never be able to get off your medicine? Have they told you that you “have” to take this heart medication or that diabetic medication or this cholesterol pill to be healthy? Do you sometimes feel like you have no choice but to take all those pills? I’m telling you right now that you do have a choice. You can choose to be healthy and you can safely get off of most (and very likely all) of the medications you are being prescribed. Best of all, I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that – how to get off your medicines! Even better, I’m going to show you what you can start doing today to make you feel better than you ever have, and how to improve your energy level. Many people don’t realize that medications often cause fatigue and adversely affect your energy… they even destroy your sex drive. Blood pressure medications cause low libido, erectile dysfunction and multiple other side effects. Wouldn’t it be great to keep your blood pressure normal and get off of those medications? Let me show you how!

Yes! Anyone, Regardless Of How Healthy Or Un-Healthy You Are Will Benefit From The Doctor For Fitness Book Of Health.

Results can be enjoyed almost immediately. There is no reason why you can’t start seeing physical and emotional improvement within days of implementing the ideas that I go over in my book. You can see your blood pressure and blood sugars normalize, you will become less stressed and sleep more soundly. This is definitely something that does not take months or years to see results.

I have successfully treated thousands of patients for multiple medical problems. I have successfully run code blues in the ER, delivered hundreds of babies, helped countless thousands of patients get off of prescription blood pressure, diabetic, cholesterol and psychiatric medications. I am not some quack off the street just giving you his opinion. I am telling you exactly what you can do to be successful in all your health goals starting today. I am a Board Certified Medical Doctor and have a very busy medical practice. I stay up-to-date with all the newest advances in medicine but at the same time realize that the best medicine is No Medicine.

None. If you follow everything I say, you can safely do everything I lay out in my book. Many people ask if getting off of their medications is safe. I enthusiastically say that, yes, it is safe… if ( and this is the crucial if) … if they are able to change their lifestyles to the point where they aren’t needing the medications in the first place. If you have the motivation to get off of your medicines and follow everything I lay out in my book, I am confident that your personal doctor will be able to completely stop most if not all of your medications.

Your health is the most important investment you can make. You owe it to yourself and your family to be in the best shape possible.

The “catch” is that no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. You have to want to get healthy. You have to want to get off the medications you’re on. You have to be ready to work to obtain the goals you want for yourself. No one, not Dr. Malisos, not your personal physician, not a gym coach, not a nutritionist, no family member… no one can do it for you. So make the decision now to live a life of health and happiness and to not be a slave to medicine.

I have never had anyone fail to become healthier because of my methods not working – not once ever. If you do not get in better shape after following the instructions I give you, then quite simply you are not following my instructions! They always work… Period. Now don’t get me wrong here – I have had patients purchase and read through my book and NOT get in any better shape. In 100% of these cases, however, it is because the person did not embrace what I am presenting, they did not change their eating behaviors and they did not change their exercise habits. Essentially, they wanted their extra weight (for instance) to magically go away without changing their lifestyles at all. This is where accountability is so important. Everyone has to be accountable for the choices they make – whether they eat healthy foods or fried fatty foods… whether they exercise – or sit on the couch all day. If you follow the very easy steps I lay out in my book and watch through all the videos I’ve provided, losing weight and being in fantastic shape is actually very easy! Once you get into it, it’s a lot of fun! Join me!

Rodney Malisos, M. D.
Board-Certified Doctor of Medicine
Dedicated To Helping People Become As Healthy As Possible

You can get started right now! You can get instant access to the Book of Health with its extensive health video library. Don’t wait to get the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed about. Do it now! What are you waiting for? The Dr. For Fitness Book of Health is a digital download that includes explanations, videos, and demonstrations. Upon payment, you will have immediate access to the Dr. For Fitness Book of Health.

Instead of being the doctor that just writes a new prescription and rushing off to the next patient, I recommend less medicine and more health. With improved health you will find you don’t need prescription medicines as much (or at all). Whether you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol… it doesn’t matter, I can help you get in the best shape of your life. Let me show you how. I am a Nationally Board Certified Medical Doctor with a thriving medical practice. I help thousands of people lose weight, get off of prescription medications, and dramatically and safely improve their health. You will be successful if you decide right now to buy the Doctor For Fitness Book Of Health. This stuff works – and it Will work for you too! Be Healthy, & Stay Fit!


If You Order Right Now, you will also receive 2 additional exclusive videos that no dentist or eye doctor will ever tell you!

Bonus Dental Video: In the Dental video, Dr. Malisos will show you how you will never have to worry about cavities again! You will be shown exactly what you can do to avoid getting cavities, and how you will very likely never need to see your dentist again! Just imagine… not having to worry about losing your teeth, getting fillings or crowns… never having to dread a root canal. This video alone is worth the entire purchase price of the Doctor For Fitness Book Of Health.

Bonus Vision Video: In the Eye video, Dr. Malisos shows you the steps you can take to permanently throw away your glasses and achieve better than 20/20 vision. You probably think there is no way possible to do this, but I assure you there is and I will show you how. For those who have small children that have been told by their eye doctor that they “need” glasses, let me assure you there is a much better way to improve their vision without the burden of glasses. I’m all about fitness and believe it or not, if you exercise your eyes in the way I teach you, your vision will improve dramatically.

Believing in the comprehensive health of the entire family, Dr. Malisos keeps up-to-date with the most current advances in medicine striving to continuously improve his medical knowledge and the care of his patients. He regularly works on Continuing Medical Education activities and periodically attends CME seminars across the country and around the world. Even while commuting to work, Dr. Malisos listens to medical audio CDs to improve his knowledge-base.

The Dr For Fitness Book of Health is an electronic download available upon purchase. E-book includes videos, workout ideas, pictures and diet plans.

“Dr. Malisos has helped me get off of most of my medications. He has helped me to lose a lot of weight and I feel better now at 56 than I have in years. Words cannot express how valuable his program is. Everything is easy to understand and presented in a clear and understandable way. Listen to this guy – he knows what he’s talking about.”

– Liberty Medical Center Patient

“I have been treated by Dr. Malisos for several years now. The very first time I met him, he told me that he wanted to get me off of all my prescription medications. I was very impressed because I really do not like taking all my pills. By changing my diet and regularly exercising, Dr. Malisos helped show me how to get in the best shape of my life. I no longer have high blood pressure (or diabetes for that matter) and my cholesterol numbers are better than ever. Dr. Malisos is not the traditional doctor who just throws medicine at you. He wants you to be healthy without medicine. Because if you are healthy you won’t need any pills.”

– Patient of Dr. Malisos

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