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Diets don't work. But you already know that or you wouldn't still be searching for a way to reduce fat and keep it off forever, would you?

How would you like to discover the secret to burning fat and keeping it off from someone who actually knows what they're talking about?

NO! This is not another Diet Book. It's far from it.

Let me show you how to put an end to dieting, double the calories you burn, and Lose Weight WITHOUT Feeling Hungry!

If you're like most people, you probably think you will never know what it feels like to reach your ideal weight. You dream about buying new clothes, getting appreciative glances from passersby, and feeling good about yourself.

Do you blame yourself for failing to lose weight even though you've tried every weight loss plan that comes along?

How badly does it hurt when you see some television spokesperson talking about how they lost 20, 30, 50 pounds, or more, simply by joining some diet program or buying some exercise machine?

Or maybe you've actually managed to lose a few pounds and then were crushed when it all came back a few months later.

You do not have to throw your money away on fad diets and membership clubs. Your body wants to lose weight. It's begging to lose weight. All it needs is for you to let it do what it's crying out to do.

You need to stop interfering and let your body's natural metabolism go to work for you.

If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end.-- Julius Erving, NBA Hall of Fame Member

The sad truth is that most people have no idea how to lose weight.

The only way to lose weight, and to keep it off, is to understand your body's natural metabolism and work with it.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears? Are you ready to finally lose weight, and keep it off, by working with your body and not against it? If so, I'm ready to show you how.

My name is Carolyn Hansen. I have been deeply involved in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years. I am currently the co-owner of 2 Fitness Centres in Northland New Zealand. In addition, I am a National Champion Bodybuilder with over 25 years competition experience.

I am also a published author who has written a number of health and fitness articles for local newspapers and magazines. I understand how the body's metabolism works, and I can teach you what you need to know.

Don't look to dietary supplements for help in burning calories. Products that claim to speed up your metabolism are likely to offer minimal benefit and may produce undesirable or even dangerous side effects. Dietary supplement manufacturers aren't required by the Food and Drug Administration to prove their products are safe or effective, so view these products with caution and skepticism.
-- Mayo Clinic

Let's face it; you're tired of looking at yourself in the mirror, right? Then let's do something about it starting right now. You don't have to starve yourself to death. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars joining weight loss programs, and you don't have to eat food that you'd normally feed to a rabbit.

There is a way to lose weight and keep it off, and I know how to do it. That's why I wrote this book:

Introducing: Fat Loss For Keeps

The in-depth, step-by-step guide to losing weight, and keeping it off, without resorting to gimmicks or expensive programs.

Now you can lose weight WITHOUT feeling hungry!

Designed to be a quick and informative read, it's 30 pages of just-the-facts information that will take you by the hand and show you how to lose weight once and for all and keep it off!

Fat Loss For Keeps is fact-filled and informative. It's designed for anyone who wants to:

Wouldn't you love to start feeling good about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Get ready to discover how to activate your body's own weight maintenance system so you can have the body you've always dreamed about!

Yes, I know what you're thinking...
"I've tried it all before and nothing ever works."

Well this works. In fact, I GUARANTEE you will lose weight if you simply follow my instructions faithfully. If it doesn't work for you, I'll give you your money back.

Don't let self-doubt defeat you yet once again. Get your copy of Fat Loss For Keeps right now and gain the knowledge you need to finally lose weight and keep it off.

Most people who buy this book do so because they have been frustrated time and time again by fad diets and weight loss clubs that promised the moon but didn't deliver. If that's your story, get your copy of Fat Loss For Keeps right now.

If you are serious about your weight and your health, you MUST download Fat Loss For Keeps RIGHT NOW so can start having a more healthy lifestyle and look and feel better as a result.

How would you like to spend a day or less of your time to discover exactly what it takes to get your weight under control?

I think that Fat Loss For Keeps is the best book available on the subject that you'll ever read.

You really need to do the right thing for yourself and download a copy of Fat Loss For Keeps right now.

Here's what you'll discover...

The secrets to creating an eating plan that matches your lifestyle.

How ancestral genetics impact what we eat today.

You probably think you should eat a lot of this if you want to consume healthy foods -- but you'd be dead wrong.

Think fat-free is a good thing? Think again.

Hate to measure portions? Me too. That's why I show you how to "eyeball" portion sizes with uncanny accuracy.

Do you like to eat out in restaurants? Go ahead, but read my mini restaurant survival guide first.

Too busy to prepare homemade meals every day? Check out this neat time-saving trick.

It's not all about what you eat. What you drink is important too.

Think there's no room for the word indulge when it comes to eating right? Ha! Live large and still lose weight.

Need ready-made meals plans so you don't have to spend time figuring out what to eat? I'll give you plenty.

Even though I know that Fat Loss For Keeps just may be the fastest and easiest way to realize your life-long dream of having a slim and attractive body without starving yourself, maybe you're not convinced.

That's why I'm going to remove ALL of the risk so you'll have no problem making up your mind!

My Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

Then, if this book isn't everything that I say it is; if it isn't everything that you HOPE it is, just let me know anytime within 56 FULL DAYS and I'll give you your money back.

Based on that, please accept my order for one copy of Fat Loss For Keeps.

Now's the time to take advantage of this valuable No Risk Offer and discover all there is to know about how to realize your life-long dream of having a slim and attractive body without starving yourself.

So, if you really are serious about having the body you've dreamed about. If you are tired of heartbreaking experiences and disappointments caused by diet plans and gimmicks, you MUST download Fat Loss For Keeps RIGHT NOW so you can start having the body that you've always dreamed of.

Do the right thing for yourself and download your copy of Fat Loss For Keeps right now. You'll love how much healthier you'll feel and how much better you'll look.

Carolyn Hansen
Author, Fitness Centre Owner & National Champion Bodybuilder [email protected]

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