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Product Name: Fat and the Art of Losing It All | James The Fitness Educator

They All Laughed When I Said I Had A
Program for Beginners That Could Easily Burn Away Years of Stubborn Fat… But Those
Laughs Quickly Turned to Amazement When
I Showed Them The Before and Afters…

73% of people who set out to achieve weight loss and fat loss results, quit and fail way before they achieve their goal? So out of every 10 people, only about 2 of them succeed.

50% of the people who failed, quit in 6 weeks or less! Most people start very eager, but end up biting off way more then they can chew, and find themselves overwhelmed, thus quitting. Have you ever found yourself in this position?

The average person quits 3 to 4 times at achieving their results!! Talk about a triple whammy here! So not only are people failing just as quickly as they are starting, they have tried and failed multiple times!! That sucks!

I love fitness and all things health.  I have been working out consistently for a very long time; but there is something I want to share with you…

It’s tough to achieve and maintain the body you want.  I have found that the hardest part can be creating momentum, and keeping yourself on the path for health.  I have found that sometimes, it can be so difficult, physically and mentally, that even ‘I’ have taken weeks, even months off from the whole process completely!

In fact, several years ago I feel completely out of touch with working out and eating healthy all together…

Sometimes, life just comes and kicks you in the ass. Stress from bills, relationships, work, kids.  A combination of all of that can really de-motivate you, as it did to me.  Workouts and healthy eating becomes the least important thing at the moment, and it just seems easier to be lazy…

I was really de-motivated at the time.  I eagerly read fitness magazines, books, blogs and even looked at pictures of other people in excellent shape to help get me motivated again, but that only worked for the short term and not even every time.

It would probably be safe to say I found myself borderline depressed for no longer having that extra “umphhh” to get back to the gym and eating healthy.  And just when I was at the point of accepting this as my fate… I re-discovered something that was long forgotten…

It was a real game changer and miracle for me, and later, countless amounts of my clients as well.

Well, getting rid of the excess fat becomes easy when you find the key to maintaining a healthy, fit, and happy lifestyle. I find great pleasure in helping others to become inspired, and re-invigorated to take control of their personal health and well-being. If you are serious about losing fat, and tasting victory in health, I would love to share my formula that will get you toned, lean, tight, and overall happier in life.

After training myself for years, I had always incorporated certain principle’s into all my training programs and workouts.  These principles would always encompass major results no matter the routine. It didn’t matter if I did CrossFit, weight training, jogging, cycling, or at home workouts.  My principles were STRONG and easily applied to everything!

So when I had hit that rough patch in my life, as most of us eventually hit, I simply had forgotten about my principles.  The stresses of life just clouded my mind.

So when I took a deep look at myself in the mirror; I realized I still had what it took to get the ball rolling again!

Re-discovering my forgotten principles was like being hit by lightning!  The best part was, I realized how easy it was for me to RE-motivate myself with my very own principles… I said to myself…

Whether you are crazy for a flatter stomach, more defined shoulders/arms, or tighter buns and legs, FAT, And The Art of Losing it All can prove to be the key in fulfilling all your fitness dreams.

My experience says, “it’s never too late to begin and stay committed to the right exercise and dietary guidelines.” It not only builds your confidence in yourself and boosts self-image, but also ensures overall improvement in your health.

Were you consistent enough with your previous plan?

How much effort did you ‘really’ put into your last routine? (be honest)

Were you TRULY COMMITTED to losing weight and getting in better shape?

Were you really eating healthier? or were you still sneaking in ‘bad things’?

Did you feel lost and confused with previous routines?

Well, the key to fitness and health lies in your answers to these questions! I can assure you that FAT, And The Art of Losing it All will end your hunt for something better – something that will transform your body and get you looking exactly how you have always wanted to appear. It proved to be a “miraculous breakthrough” for me – helping burn the extra fat easily and staying consistent.

I figured out the 5 Principles that need to be included in order for fitness results to happen.  But it didn’t stop with just these 5 principles… I figured out that there is a very particular mindset that needs to take place in order to “switch on” fat burning and muscle building capabilities. . . take a look at what some of my clients and friends have to say…

“The advice from James’ book has really been eye opening.  I have gone from 14% body fat to 6.3% body fat by simply applying the principles.  I can safely say that with this book and James’ guidance, it has truly been a lifestyle change.”

“With FAT, And the Art of Losing it All; I really did lose it all!  I was able to drop 19 lbs of fat in some unwanted places like my hips and arms. Sometimes you just get carried away with partying on the weekends and just really bad eating. You don’t realize it until it’s to late. I try to do cardio about 3 times per week now and workout with weights 2 times per week. I am very happy with my results!”

“When it came to working out and eating healthy, I was always lazy about it.  FAT, And The Art of Losing it All really gave me the motivation I needed to get back in shape!  I have dropped about 11lbs of fat and built 5lbs of sculpted muscle! Thanks James for the awesome book!”

“I never really cared for working out much. I guess it’s because other programs I have tried never seemed to work.  But with FAT, And The Art of Losing it All, seeing the difference in my strength and body changing, kept me motivated for more! I have lost 17 lbs and I can start to see my abs!”

“With James’ advice from FAT, And The Art of Losing it All,  I finally was able to drop nearly 20 pounds and shed my stomach fat.  I find myself more motivated to workout on a regular basis now.  My nutrition habits have GREATLY improved also thanks to some of the principles in this book.  Thanks again James! You’re the man!

**The product you would be purchasing is an ebook, not a physical copy as depicted above.

FAT, And The Art of Losing it All is the only book that uses SCIENTIFIC FACTS, presented in an easy to understand way to help you lose weight and keep it off for good!

“Even some of the biggest fitness and nutrition myth’s out there, THIS BOOK DESTROYS THEM ALL!”

TRUTH: It turns out that the time of day has nothing to do with gaining weight, it has a lot more to do with total calories eaten in a 24 hour period.

TRUTH: Lifting heavy weights stimulates muscle fibers to get stronger and become leaner for both men and women. In reality, the only way to get “bulky” is by consuming to many calories. If you have a balanced diet and still train heavy, you will become more toned and defined.

TRUTH: Carbohydrates are you body’s main energy source. Without them you become lethargic, irritable, and dizzy. This book describes how to eat all the carbs you love and still lose weight!

TRUTH: Your workouts do need to be intense, BUT, intense for YOUR current fitness levels. Your workouts don’t need to be confusing or kill your energy. In this book, you will learn that even the most basic of workouts will prove to be successful to get you started to see results.

P.S. Imagine yourself 30 days from now, several pounds lighter and a smaller wasitline. Of course, you can’t hide your excitement. You are looking fitter and more beautiful. Yes, the mirror isn’t lying – your commitment to the ultimate mindset of FAT, And The Art of Losing it All has paid off. Congratulations! I couldn’t be happier for you! Unlike other gimmick workout routines, this book will prove to be a breakthrough for you – changing your life for the better.

**I can’t wait to hear your success story and see your before and after pictures! Be sure to keep me posted with your progress and if you have any questions along the way, be sure to shoot me an email! My goal is your weight loss success!**

Contact me here if you have any more questions! [email protected]

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