Milos Sarcev was much more impressed with this yr's Arnold Basic Runner Up

Milos Sarcev is a respected coach in the sport of bodybuilding, having been one of the most respected competitors himself in the 90's and 2000's. All of this experience helped him develop a good eye for what competitors should look like. So, in early March, he worked with both Samson Dauda and Regan Grimes at the 2022 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Brandon Curry won that competition, but Sarcev told James that he felt Curry wasn't as big as previous shows.

"He was the smallest I've ever seen and he wasn't in the best shape," Sarcev said on The Menace Podcast. "He was in condition, but not in the condition that wins the Arnold Classic or the Olympia."

Milos Sarcev was much more positive about second-placed William Bonac, who had already won two Arnold Classics in his career. Sarcev felt that The Conqueror should have three of these trophies on his coat.

"Bonac, on the other hand, brought the mass that he lost a few years ago," he said. "There was no doubt in my mind that William won this show."

What Milos Sarcev was really hoping for was that Dauda would be placed alongside Curry in the comparison. Dauda came fourth in that competition, but Sarcev felt he had the physique to compete alongside everyone on that stage, including the champion.

“Samson had the tools to fight him aesthetically, muscle by muscle, form and pose by pose. They just didn't give him that chance."

As for his other athlete on this show, Regan Grimes placed seventh. Sarcev admitted that the results shown on stage were very different from what they expected leading up to the show.

"Regan wasn't in the condition we had last year. I'm the first to say that. It lacked condition and detail,” admitted Sarcev. He said that wasn't the only issue Grimes had to deal with.

“The plan was that he landed on December 13th (in Las Vegas) and we started training. Then on December 24th I got Covid,” he revealed. Grimes would test positive for the coronavirus shortly after, and the rest of his preparation has been met with conflicting results.

"I couldn't train him hard. He was tired and exhausted,” said Sarcev. "I couldn't just get his body to respond."

Sarcev and James broke down the rest of the Arnold lineup and also talked about the Boston Pro being won by Bonac. Watch episodes of The Menace podcast each week on the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel.

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