Tom Brady goes lengthy (repeatedly) together with his Launch 2 Gear Launch

NFL legend Tom Brady has just released "Release 2" of The Brady's training gear and the focus is on "Pliable Performance".

Tom Brady burst into the crowded athleisure market with his apparel brand BRADY in January after three years of development and made waves with an initial introductory campaign praising the signing of 10 athletes including Cade McNamara (Michigan Wolverines quarterback) and others quickly rising stars from the fields of baseball, tennis and hockey. Today, BRADY offers Release 2, dubbed The Pliable Performance Collection, which recognizes the flexibility required for different training disciplines. While Brady has kept us all hooked to his football future with his 'retirement' and quick decision to return to the field, the icon also caught our attention with his new fashion projects.

This latest range introduces fabrics the brand says will take your workout to the next level, including 'Tough Touch'; Built to endure even the toughest training programs. On the other hand, "Cotton Flex" was added to the mix; to provide comfort and breathability for the most strenuous sessions. To celebrate the launch of Pliable Performance, BRADY has announced its support for the next generation of young athletes by signing 5 new NCAA athletes as brand ambassadors including: Boogie Ellis (USC basketball player), Kyle Philips and Domani Jackson (UCLA football player), Stefan Dostanic (USC tennis player) and Channing Austin (USC baseball player).

Courtesy of Brady Clothing

The new range includes training t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and tank tops that come in multiple colors including black, blue, gray and rust. "There's no way I would be in the position I'm in now without an intense focus on my training and recovery and understanding how important flexibility is to my longevity in the game," said Tom Brady. "The Pliable Performance Training Collection is designed to help people get the best out of themselves, giving them the flexibility to move and look their best, whether they're exercising or just staying active in everyday life."

Price ranges for apparel from the Pliable Performance Collection, only available at, range from $65 to $100 and will be available March 22nd. BRADY says its clothing is engineered for movement and breathability to conform to the body, compete, live and recover.

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