How WWE Tag Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi encourage one another to be higher

Sasha Banks and Naomi have long histories, both as partners and rivals, but at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, they wrote another exciting chapter in their history by taking the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship in front of more than 80,000 viewers at AT&T Stadium won . As former world singles champions, these two popular stars bring something special to the ring, but when they come together it really seems like magic is made, earning them the nickname: "Boss and Glow".

During the recent WWE Big Show at the O2 Arena, M&F spoke to WWE RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Matt Riddle about how pro wrestlers should use their intelligence to have a lasting career. Of course, a big issue that makes the life of a WWE Superstar all the more challenging is the fact that unlike other forms of sport and entertainment, WWE simply doesn't have an off-season.

So M&F Hers asked Sasha Banks and Naomi how they manage such a tough schedule and soon found that both partners bring individual qualities to help the team as a whole. As "Boss and Glow," Banks and Naomi create a great chemistry that forces them to always do their best.

A lot of people who watch WWE might not understand how tough it is to perform at the level that the two of you are taking on. There is no off-season in WWE. How are you all year round?

Naomi: I think it's the passion and the motivation and the competition never ends either so I think I just know I have to stay healthy, I have to stay in shape, I have to stay in the gym and not try getting hurt because your place can be taken like that. That motivates me.

Sasha Banks: Also, exercising every day will help keep you from getting injured. move your body; I like to do yoga, meditate, it helps me a lot not to hurt myself. And stretch, cool, freeze in front of my matches. When we're off, if it's one day a week, just having that time to like Zone-in, just for yourself and making sure you're okay mentally, physically... and everything. I feel like we're so taking care of ourselves, you know?

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What are the different demands you face as a tag team versus individual competitors and have there been any adjustments to make it work?

Naomi: To be honest, I think in a way it's easier when you're a one-on-one competitor because you just have to take care of and focus on yourself, your needs and your wants. You know how you look, you don't have to worry about or ask the other person; "What is our style?" All those little things, but I think that's what's so special about Sasha and I working together. I feel like it's so organic and natural and simple and we kind of think the same way about a lot of things.

Sasha Banks: Same style.

Naomi: Same style!

Sasha Banks: The same glow!

Naomi: With so many things we want to do it's so easy to work together and I love that. And it's not always easy in a tag team because you don't always have that flow and vibe with each other, it's not always easy, you hit your head a lot, but I don't have that with her. I've never had that with her. So I knew this was going to work and I'm really excited to see where we grow in areas where I feel I can improve. She supports me in this and I know that I can confide in her and ask her things and learn and grow with her too. I mean, we have a ten-time champion here. I would be crazy if I didn't choose her brain!?

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Do you find that you inspire each other to try harder?

Naomi: I think so, in more ways than one. t just in training, but I feel like one thing I really admire about Sasha is her wrestling IQ and how different she structures matches compared to how I structure matches and I feel like that our styles are quite similar. We can both do high-flying stuff, we like to do cool stuff, but I just think her psychology is something that I think is what makes her stand out and special. So she's asking me to structure differently or challenge myself with how I'm doing these matches and getting more out of the matches. I definitely think we do.

Sasha Banks: Yes, and Naomi helps me in and out of the ring. You know if I'm with the fans and with the girls just their energy and your personality. It just lights up a room so I always want to feed on it and always be like you when I'm out there and even in the ring you shine and she shines so bright I'm just like, 'Whoa!' I need to bring my light to another energy because it's just so bright out there, and it's so athletic and I get so jealous of it, and I'm just like, 'okay, I need to train a little harder.' (Naomi laughs ). 'Cause, man, this girl has hops, she has jumps, she has jumps, she has dives, and I'm so happy you're my tag team partner, because if it was the other side, I'd be a little scared ! Certainly.

Female pro wrestler Naomi Sumo drops onto her opponentCourtesy of WWE

There is no doubt that "Boss and Glow" are fighting champions and since winning the titles at WrestleMania they have dominated the competition on a global scale. Last month Sasha and Naomi defeated worthy opponents in Natalya and Shayna Baszler in London and they are already looking forward to a return to the UK where we could see them defend the gold again, this time during the big Clash at the Castle. ' Super show next September in Cardiff, Wales. For information on tickets and travel packages click here:

Of course, Boss and Glow still have a long way to go before then. The duo must continue to accumulate those wins on Raw and SmackDown to pave the way to Clash at the Castle, but their ambitions don't end in Cardiff. Sasha Banks told M&F Hers that she and Naomi would love to be the first-ever women's tag team to host a pay-per-view main event. It seems that great things lie ahead for these champions and the entire WWE Women's Tag Team Division.

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