Whitney Jones Explains Her Championship-Degree Toughness on The Match Rockstar Present

Three-time Olympic fitness champion Whitney Jones wears several hats at once. Besides being number 1 in her class, she is also active in the media as the co-host of Femme Flex Friday, she works as a trainer and most importantly she is a mother. Jones took the rare free time to sit down with Isabelle Turell on The Fit Rockstar Show, and she described her approach to all things in life — keep it real.

"I don't know how to fake much of anything. What you see is what you get,” she said with a smile. Jones' journey and career have not been easy. She is perhaps best known for overcoming ACL surgery to win the Fitness International and Fitness Olympia titles. She had to withdraw from the Arnold for a year because of a positive COVID test during the week of the competition. As Jones Turell said, the reaction to what is happening can be the most important.

"You have to take life for what it is and make the best of it," Jones said. "So when you're having bad or difficult times, turn lemons into lemonade, they say. That's what I'm trying to do."

She certainly did in 2021 when she reclaimed the Olympic title for the third time in her career. Although the competition was held in Orlando, Florida last October, she still appreciates what it means to be the champion.

"This is new to me," she explained. Jones has different reasons for appreciating each of the titles she has won in her illustrious career. She even looks for the positive that can accompany the defeats.

“Every journey has a different, special meaning – not even every victory. Even when I lose, I always feel like I've won, because when you've done everything you set out to do, you can't fail."

Jones has a wealth of wisdom that she drops in this episode that can benefit competitors, athletes, and parents alike. Go to www.wingsoftstrength.net to watch this and all episodes of The Fit Rockstar Show every Saturday at 12 noon.

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