That is how NWA star Kamille dominates in professional wrestling and bodybuilding

Longtime pro wrestling fans who crave some old-school "wrasslin" have helped the National Wrestling Alliance re-establish itself as a full-fledged promotion in recent years, now offering weekly shows and special pay-per-view broadcasts shows. Events that can be streamed via FITE.

While WWE and AEW offer cutting edge graphics, pyrotechnics and lighting on their Grapple-based shows, there's no doubt that the NWA has found its niche by maintaining an old-school look and feel reminiscent of a magical era and brings back memories of Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes and the sublime heyday of Von Erich.

And if you're looking for a serious athlete who looks like she could kick your butt, you'll be pleased to know that current NWA Women's Champion, Kamille, has you covered. Formerly known by the longer ring name; Kamille "Brickhouse" (because she's built like one!), M&F sat down with the 28-year-old (real name Kailey Farmer) about catching up on her pro wrestling career, her start in the Lingerie Football League and more their eventual dominance in bodybuilding.

"I grew up playing sports," says the 5'10" athlete from Durham, NC. "I played everything. I played football, volleyball, swimming - everything. My favorite sport was actually volleyball, but I wasn't big enough to go to a Division 1 college for volleyball, so I ended up getting a full-ride mix with graduates for softball. That's why I chose softball to play in college."

Chamomile is married to her art

For Kamille, there is little difference between home and the "office" as her partner is professional wrestler Thomas Latimer. The two wed in Durham earlier this month and enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, but with downtime that is now a distant memory, the NWA Women's Champion is focused on claiming her title against KiLynn King at NWA's Alwaysz Ready on June 11. to defend June. "I'm a guy who enjoys the moment," says Kamille. "At the wedding I ate, and then on the honeymoon I ate and drank there, so now it's like, ok, I've got a week to sort myself out for the pay-per-view!"

Her love for pro wrestling began in the late '90s when she watched the likes of Lita, Edge and Brock Lesnar with her father during the WWE "Attitude era," but she strayed from it in high school and until after earned hers Diploma. Shortly after leaving college, Kamille went back to a small independent wrestling show with her father and thought wrestling might be in her future. "The next morning I kind of woke up and had this epiphany," she says. "I grew up with sports and also did a bit of acting when I was younger [wrestling] is a mixture of both. I absolutely can!”

Kamille enrolled in Team 3D Wrestling Academy in Kissimmee, FL, a school run by former WWE Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz. "You weren't allowed to get in the ring until you proved your fitness outside the ring," she recalls. Dan Carr, creator of the hit TV show American Gladiators, also worked at the school and put Kamille through grueling warm-ups and served as a great mentor to her burgeoning wrestling career.

As dreams of becoming a wrestler began to pile up, Kamille thought playing the role of a smash mouth football player who also broke bones in the ring would be a great concept tryout and began a 12-hour hin - and travel back from Florida to play as a linebacker for the Atlanta Steam. While the girls were scantily clad, the Lingerie Football League certainly wasn't a pillow fight.

“We wear something like these pads, but they were really just for show, like pads for kids, and then the helmet is like a visor and nothing to really protect your face. So, I remember the first game of the first game when a girl from Pittsburgh walked in and just hit me in the jaw and I thought I broke my jaw," recalls Kamille. While the LFL offered little pay, the future champion was able to win her season as a football player and had certainly proven that she could be a force to be reckoned with in the ring.


Structure of Chamomile 'The Brickhouse'

During her time in Florida, Kamille had also started seriously considering competing in bodybuilding, but had had a few false starts with her preparation when life took over and thwarted her progress. Nevertheless, in the following years, chamomile never gave up the desire to compete. "It was my third try, during the Covid pandemic we didn't wrestle ... and I thought I need something or I'll just become a fat couch potato," laughs Kamille. "I need a goal. I thought this is the time, no excuses, life can't get in your way now because you're not doing anything. Everything just fell into place, it was perfect.” Kailey “Kamille” Farmer took first place in the NPC Daytona Beach Classic bodybuilding competition on September 26, 2020. "I won my very first show overall," she beams.

As a longtime athlete, Kamille had to learn the differences between training for function and hitting the gym to build her physique. "I call it a facelift for aesthetic reasons," she laughs. "In college you train functionally because nobody cares what you look like as long as you hit a home run." Kamille also tried her hand at strongman and won again in her first competition, held at a local gym. "We filled life, threw barrels behind our heads and lifted ATVs, it was so much fun."

There's no doubt when NWA owner Billy Corgan (yes, him from Smashing Pumpkins) signed Kamille to his roster as the first female wrestler in 2021, he achieved one of the next big things in wrestling. She won the Women's Championship that same year and fans are already booking their own Fantasy Dream matches for her. "I don't think so much about who I want to wrestle as I think about what would sell out an arena," she says. “One would be Rhea Ripley in WWE just because we have a similar build. She's a rough and tough girl and I think people would want to see that match and then the second is Jade Cargill in AEW, same thing, she has great looks and I think a lot of people would pay money to to see this game"

But for now, Kamille is loving her place in the NWA's ever-expanding locker room and is determined to have a dominant title for some time while she prepares for Alwayz Ready. "There's a real family feel to NWA," she shares. "Billy Corgan, the super rock star, is my boss, but I get to sit there and talk to him and chat with him, which is really nice." However, when the bell rings on June 11th, the smiles will go away and those niceties will become replaced by total contempt for her challenger. "I'm a one-time champion, I'm not going to lose this thing."

Pro wrestler Chamomile holds a wrestling beltDanielSimon

Kamille's "push" workout for the upper body

  1. Cable fly (seated if available)
    • 1 set of 15
    • 1 set of 10
    • 1 set break set. (12-15 reps, rest, 10-15 reps, rest, 8 reps)
  1. Incline bench press with barbell
    • 3 sets of 5
    • 1 Dropset 5 reps, halve the weight, go to failure
  1. Flat bench press with dumbbells
  1. Hammer Strength Chest Iso Press/
    major with
    Pec flye (arms straight)
    • 3 sets of 15 reps on press per arm/12 tempo reps on flyes (1333)
  1. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    major with
    Lateral dumbbell raise
    • 1 set of 12 presses / 20 lateral raises
    • 2 sets of 8 presses/20 lateral raises
  1. Alternate front raises with dumbbells
    • 3 sets of arm tempos (1313), 10 reps
  1. Smith Machine or Barbell Upright Row
    • 1 set of 15
    • 2 dropsets 10 reps, halve the weight, then repeat until failure
  1. Tricep Cable Pushdowns
    • 3 sets 10 overhand / 10 underhand

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