10 books on success to achieve your full potential

Success is often measured by what we see from the outside. But of course rich and miserable is not a big goal. The same goes for being passionate and living in a pantry. Achievement is a big prize that you can better score with a mix of rewarding attributes. It's a combination of a position of power, the ability to make a difference, and a sense of purpose. Keep those goals at your fingertips with these 10 powerful books.

They will help you open your mind, inspire better habits, build more wealth, sharpen your negotiation skills, embrace change, make better decisions, and be inspired to pursue your goal all the way to the winning circle.

10 books to help you be more successful

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1. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

If you want to know what a real road to success looks like, look no further than Phil Knight's story. It's one that started with sheer determination. Knight struck a deal to import Onitsuka Tiger running shoes from Japan, which made his Blue Ribbon company $8,000 in the first year. It led to the creation of the Nike brand, which 60 years later is an absolute behemoth.

His detailed account of the twists and turns offers valuable lessons, from the need to feel a bond with the product you're selling to the reminder that anything can be learned ("I had no idea how to run a factory ' he writes of the decision to open Nike's First, 'but I was willing to try. I was willing to learn.') Bill Gates calls the book 'a refreshingly honest reminder of just how the journey to business success really is looks: messy, precarious and full of mistakes, endless struggles and sacrifices.” Knight even speaks several times about coming back from the brink of bankruptcy.

A souvenir: "Don't tell people how to do something, tell them what to do and be amazed by their results."

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