10 Books 50+ Years Previous That Will Change Your Life At present

As advanced as society has become, some things have not changed at all. Wheels still roll and fire still burns. And people still pass on their wisdom through the written word in hopes that it will be read for generations to come. These ten books have managed to appeal to the part of us that wants to know more and improve ourselves. All are over 50 years old, some two thousand years old. And they continue to be popular for a reason: Because each in their own way can transform your life.

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From 1880: The Art of Making Money by PT Barnum

Showman Phineas Taylor Barnum — patron of hoaxes and co-founder of the Ringling Bros. circus and Barnum & Bailey — apparently never said there was a chump born every minute. But he believed in doing whatever it took to attract clients to his shows. As long as they left happy. And he summarized what he learned in 20 golden rules for making money. Divided into short chapters that you can read in an afternoon, it tells stories of peasants and shoemakers; those in boarding houses and on steamships.

He advises choosing the right job (“Unless a man takes up the profession which is his natural destiny and best suited to his particular genius, he cannot succeed”) and avoiding debt (“going into debt for that what to avoid eating and drinking and wearing). And that's when you have a goal to act on. "If you hesitate," writes Barnum, "a bolder hand will reach out before you and take the prize."

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