November is Nationwide Army Health and Wellness Month

To raise awareness of the importance of physical activity, stress management and proper nutrition within the military community and to jump on the #1 New Year's resolution to get in shape, Muscle & Fitness Senior Military Editor, MSgt Rob Wilkins, USAF, Ret.established National Military Fitness and Wellness Month, a fitness initiative to be recognized throughout the month of vember.

The President of Muscle & Fitness joins Wilkins in raising awareness of the importance of physical activity and healthy eating during National Military Fitness and Wellness Month Dan Solomon and the Head of Media Development for M&F, Frank Sepe.

Courtesy of Rob Wilkins

"Muscle & Fitness is proud to support service members and their families by using our media resources to educate, inspire and advance the importance of wellness within the military community," said Solomon. During National Military Fitness and Wellness Month, through online interviews, articles and social media posts, Wilkins and M&F will:

  • Emphasize the importance of physical activity/exercise to ensure military readiness and national security
  • Learn how various government agencies are helping active duty workers, retirees, and veterans maintain their physical and mental health
  • Highlight inspirational stories from active-duty employees and veterans about how fitness has been a foundation to their success
  • Provide links/resources related to physical activity/nutrition

"With an increasing number of military members and family members facing medical problems resulting from physical inactivity and poor diet, National Military Fitness and Wellness Month is an ideal time to make fitness a priority," commented Wilkins, Member of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition and the American Legion Wellness Advisory Panel.

"If you are just beginning or new to a fitness program, I recommend consulting with a physician/fitness advisor before beginning your fitness program, setting realistic goals, and being consistent in your exercise," Wilkins said.

As well as focusing on the importance of physical activity, National Military Fitness and Wellness Month is a fantastic way to connect with family and friends while improving your health and having fun! Much luck!

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