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What's PNF and why can it enable you get better sooner out of your exercise?

Flexibility is important for athletes (and non-athletes alike), which is why stretching is a key component in many active people's fitness routines. Greater flexibility can reduce the risk of injury, increase ROM (Range of Motion) and make everyday activities feel more comfortable. Also, tight muscles can dampen your workout, squats, posture, and mood. t all [...]

Intercourse Necessities: 7 Issues Each Man Wants In His Nightstand

A well-equipped room means much more than a stable bed. For the adventurous, sex-positive type, there's more to a complete bedroom than good lighting and a sturdy bed. Knowing how to properly stock your nightstand with sleepover guests could mean the difference between a good night and a great night - a night you're likely [...]

This is why Colin O'Brady loves sharing his health journey with the household

A professional triathlete, adventurer and endurance supreme, Colin O'Brady raced in 25 countries on six continents between 2009-2015, but his days of solo effort are now shared with a passion for getting those around him fit. The record-breaking host of BYUtv's "Survivalists" is now inspiring families as they compete in a series of exciting wilderness [...]

Streamline the house fitness center with this adjustable dumbbell from Bowflex

Your home gym will be so much more complete and streamlined with this adjustable dumbbell from Bowflex. Working from home is great. If you can pull it off, it's so much better than dealing with high gym membership prices and the crowds. However, it does require a little advance planning so you don't end up [...]

The 25 greatest forearm workouts of all time

These isolation and compound moves build arms that look and perform to their best. Your forearms aren't getting the respect they deserve. Thicker, fuller forearms not only give you a more aesthetically imposing look, they also increase your strength capacity on exercises like the deadlift. Your upper body also looks and functions more symmetrically. Put [...]

Die 30 besten Rückenübungen aller Zeiten

Egal, ob Sie versuchen, diesen V-förmigen Oberkörper aufzubauen oder Ihren Körper verletzungssicher zu machen, diese Bewegungen bauen Muskeln und Kraft auf. Suchen Sie nach den besten Rückenübungen, die Sie möglicherweise machen könnten? Sie sind an der richtigen Stelle. Wenn Sie trainieren, um gut auszusehen (und welcher Typ tut das nicht?), dann zielen Sie wahrscheinlich darauf [...]

Greatest THC Gummies: High 5 Delta Eight THC Manufacturers

This is sponsored content. Men’s Journal is not endorsing the websites or products set forth below. The use of THC in any capacity may lead to health concerns and users should consult medical personnel before consumption. Local and state laws for use and possession of THC vary by jurisdiction and should be reviewed before purchase. [...]

Finest Over The Counter Testosterone Booster Dietary supplements To Enhance Testosterone Ranges In 2023

The following is sponsored content, Men’s Journal is not endorsing the products featured below. Men in their early 20s probably won’t even be thinking about this. But those in their 30s are well aware that their nemesis is “low T.” After all, a drop in testosterone levels can tremendously impact libido and sexual performance in [...]