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10 kettlebell guidelines that should be adopted to construct extra muscle

Rido / Shutterstock "Kettlebells are popular because they are extremely effective, efficient and do not take up a lot of space," said Max Shank, fitness author and owner of Ambition Athletics ( Shank's love affair with kettlebells is not without foundation. If you ask a room full of fitness experts why they like kettlebells so [...]

How distilleries are actually producing hand disinfectants

While alcohol is still a great elixir to help people survive these times of self-quarantine, some distilleries are now diverting their wares from spirits to an even larger market: hand sanitizers. In Colorado, Marble Distilling found it easy to use its disinfectant manufacturing facilities and raw materials instead of spirits. "We only needed one additive [...]

A have a look at Laird Hamilton's wellness practices

It is impossible not to be inspired when Laird Hamilton talks about his wellness trip and his obviously deep-rooted passion for a healthy life. The world-famous big wave surfer, legendary Waterman and entrepreneur, an icon of his own, has paved the way for aspiring and professional athletes in many ways when it comes to pushing [...]

Low-calorie sweeteners do no hurt to your weight loss program, as new research outcomes present

Iryna Imago / Shutterstock Low calorie sweeteners have long been controversial for those trying to eat healthy and lose weight, as studies, similar to eggs or coffee, have shown conflicting results. However, recent research published in Cell Metabolism offers solid evidence that they are not sabotaging your health or weight loss plan yourself. While no [...]

All about krill oil

Men’s Journal sat with Dr. Graham Wood, scientific director of Neptune Wellness Solutions, to discuss the various benefits of krill oil. In this instructional video you will learn more about: The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids What is the right dosage of Omega3 in your diet The difference between good and bad fats What exactly [...]

Interview: Herschel Walker undertakes health mission to Washington

Shutterstock When Herschel Walker played for the New Jersey Generals in the now disbanded USFL from 1983 to 1985, his boss was billionaire Mogul Donald Trump. He became close to the team owner and his family. While training in Orlando, Walker brought Trump and his children to Disney World. Well, it's certainly a small world, [...]

The total physique shadow boxing exercise routine to get able to struggle

Gergely Zsolnai / Shutterstock Imagine moving like Mayweather, bumping like Klitschko, and even developing a terrible Tyson-like look while being torn apart like Amir Khan. Sorry, the first three won't happen. However, it is still possible to improve your fighting game - even without the use of boxing equipment such as gloves, a heavy bag [...]

Chef Rush evokes energy, psychological energy inside the armed forces and past

Shutterstock / Shutterstock Chef Andre Rush puts the same passion and dedication in serving a homeless person as serving the President of the United States. "They don't waver on duty," Rush, who has cooked for four US presidents, told Muscle & Fitness. "I don't care who it is. I tell the students all the time [...]