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Defeating most cancers helped Michael Henderson develop from lone wolf to chief of the Pak

This is sponsored content. M&F does not endorse the sites or products listed in this article. If you've been to a bodybuilding show or fair in the last few years, chances are you've seen athletes and fans alike carrying a WOLFpak on their shoulders. These unique backpacks with patches that can be attached for personalization [...]

Have a match (and attractive) breakfast with these ingredient alternate options.

We're not trying to outshine cereal, we've all enjoyed a big ol' bowl of nice, cold milk, but there are quicker and better breakfast options out there. Remember those bowls with built-in straws so you can sip the sugar-filled milk that the granola creates? I do. It might have been good for your taste buds, [...]

MMA legend Wealthy Franklin explains how you can obtain superior repartee

If you're making a list of some of the most colorful forwards in MMA history, Rich Franklin has to be at the top of your shortlist. The UFC Hall of Famer used his impressive accuracy, power and groundplay to become the UFC Middleweight Champion and defeat some notable names during a stellar career. w happily [...]

Mastering these four mobility strikes will result in higher motion and energy

Was the chicken or the egg there first? Who cares? Both chicken and egg are delicious — and you're wondering what that has to do with mobility exercises. stay with me a moment In the fitness universe, "experts" have often debated which exercise quality is more important to train: stability exercises or mobility exercises. Stability [...]

Underneath the hood of Gatorade's new Gx app

This is sponsored content. M&F does not endorse the sites or products listed in this article. Zack Zeigler, M&F's Chief Content Officer and Reps moderator, speaks to the minds behind Gatorade's recently revamped Gx app to talk about their mission: "democratize exercise science." What does that mean? It's basically a fancy way of saying that [...]

13 Greatest Pre-Exercises For Males That Increase Power, Pumps & Focus

This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article. When you’re trying to make gains but don’t have the energy or motivation to put in an intense workout, pre-workout supplements can give you the boost you need to power through. These supplements are designed to enhance your training [...]

Do not miss out on these health-conscious offers this Black Friday

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, officially marks the start of the holiday shopping season. And what could be nicer than enjoying the leftovers of Turkey Day while shopping from the couch? With that in mind, you can expect big discounts on your favorite items this year; From fire pits to sneakers, don't miss out [...]

The most effective dumbbells in your dwelling fitness center in 2023

The recent home workout revolution - sparked by the pandemic - has prompted millions of people worldwide to improve their health and fitness by purchasing at-home fitness equipment. Though training at home has its downsides (like the lack of heavy weights, machines, and other fitness equipment), the convenience of breaking a sweat whenever it fits [...]

These three unilateral row workout routines will assist strengthen your again

Unlike unilateral rows, bilateral vertical and horizontal pulls like bent-over pull-ups over barbell rows and seated rows often get all the love and attention. Because this is where the gains are due to the fact that you will be lifting more weight. It's a shame that unilateral rowing exercises are either neglected or forgotten as [...]

7 methods Flula Borg has maintained an ideal physique

Flula Borg shattered stereotypes when he revealed his toned physique before playing supervillain Javelin in last year's blockbuster The Suicide Squad. But while the German actor and comedian is looking forward to his latest project Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, the funny man is still very serious about maintaining his health and fitness. M&F sat [...]