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Who does 30 units of calves in a single exercise? I do it, similar to Arnold

In case you missed the introductory article for this series, I am a contributing writer for Muscle & Fitness and after completing week 1 of The Arnold Challenge, here's what happened. This challenge requires me to train for a month in a very similar fashion to what seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger did during his [...]

Trainierst du hart genug (oder überhaupt hart)? Hier sind einige Möglichkeiten, dies zu sagen

Trainierst du oder trainierst du nur? Wahrscheinlich bist du nicht der Beste, wenn es darum geht, deine eigene Trainingsintensität einzuschätzen. Es ist kein Faktor, der beiseite geschoben werden sollte. Die Trainingsintensität kann eine große Sache sein, wenn man bedenkt, dass der wichtigste Faktor für die Maximierung von Kraft und magerem Muskelaufbau – warten Sie darauf [...]

Austin Idea goals to make WWE historical past on the Royal Rumble

If Saturday night's Royal Rumble is the official starting point on the road to WrestleMania, then WWE United States Champion Austin Theory will be looking to make a history-making finale. Muscle & Fitness sat down with the 25-year-old to find out why he started his professional wrestling journey as a competitive bodybuilder, his thoughts on [...]

The oldest identified particular person on the earth dies on the age of 118

Longevity Warrior sister Andre, the French nun thought to be the world's oldest person, died in her sleep on January 17, 2023 at the age of 118, according to David Tavella, a spokesman for Sainte Catherine Laboure nursing home in the port city of Toulon, southern France. "There is great sadness, but ... it was [...]

Samantha Harris helps fellow most cancers survivors by means of yoga

Samantha Harris is the charismatic, super fit and Emmy Award-winning television host you may know best from Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight. And for the M&F Hers family, she's also a much-celebrated series cover star, gracing the cover no fewer than four times. But when a shock diagnosis of breast cancer forced her [...]

How Mike Colter constructed a powerful physique for Airplane

Mike Colter is an intimidating man to walk alongside. At 6ft 3in and built like a Mack truck, it doesn't take long to understand why Marvel and Netflix cast him to play steel-skinned Luke Cage. His physical stature coupled with a natural acting ability has made him an on-screen presence that cannot be ignored. So [...]

Do that 10-minute ground and wall-based exercise from Grace Albin

As a gymnast and high school cheerleader, Grace Albin fell in love with choreography and group training. Today she can share this passion with her fitness clients and more than 330,000 Instagram followers. Albin shows that to blast your whole body, you can achieve an intense session with just a small amount of space and [...]

I will practice like Arnold for a month - and Arnold may be watching

For decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been regarded by many as bodybuilding's greatest champion and most intense athlete. His training programs continue to be analysed, studied and sometimes criticized to this day - more than four decades since he last held up the Sandow Trophy in 1980. But when was the last time someone really tried [...]