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Transcend HRT's Cameron Chapman shares why blood exams are essential

Bodybuilding is a sport that inspires many people to get healthy, but the issue of health has gained significant traction over the past five years due to the issues faced by competitors. Part of the reason why these problems appear initially is that personal health inside the body is not the focus and not just [...]

Prime four kneeling workout routines to construct higher physique power

Most strength exercises are performed either standing, sitting, or lying face up and face down. But when was the last time you incorporated knee exercises into your workout routine? Two neglected kneeling exercise positions are the high kneeling (both knees on the floor) and the half-kneeling (one foot, one knee) position. Training in a kneeling [...]

How Alexander Skarsgård was a Viking for The Northman

Alexander Skarsgård has been drawn to Viking stories since childhood. His family's home on the Swedish island of Öland was surrounded by ancient rune stones, monuments erected to commemorate Vikings who died with great honor in battle. The actor grew up surrounded by the legend of these fearsome warriors and has long wanted to tell [...]

Why Oakley Re:SubZero are the brand new sun shades heroes

If you love exercising outdoors, you know that different weather conditions require different types of clothing, but when it comes to your sunglasses, Oakley has your eyes covered for all the elements with the new Re:SubZero line. Courtesy of Oakley Exercising while trying to put the sunglasses on tight can be a special kind of [...]

Melanie Department stands strongly behind her husband within the ministry

Author's te: Some of the details in this story are graphic in nature and may trigger survivors of various forms of abuse. Discretion is recommended. A common phrase shared by US military personnel is that they are offering their country a blank check. This is because the service they provide includes everything up to and [...]