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Form your metabolic well being with private coach Danny Saltos

When you hear the phrase "metabolic health," a fast metabolism might spring to mind. While that's part of it, metabolic health is about a lot more than just how quickly food is digested and calories burned. Metabolic health is the absence of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood sugar, stroke [...]

Ken Falke explains how health can assist promote post-traumatic development

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become a common term and many people have a direct or indirect connection with it. Whether it's a veteran, a victim of abuse directly affected, or a family member you know, the impact can be life-changing. While the initials and symptoms associated with PTSD are well known, the other side [...]

So aktivieren Sie Ihre Gesäßmuskulatur vor dem Laufen oder Heben

Die meisten Menschen, selbst Spitzensportler, aktivieren selten die Gesäßmuskulatur. Infolgedessen nutzen die Menschen diese enorm starken Muskeln, die ein großer Teil der täglichen Bewegung sein sollten, nie voll aus. Stattdessen verbringen wir die meiste Zeit damit, auf unseren Gesäßmuskeln zu sitzen, was dazu führt, dass die ihnen gegenüberliegenden Muskeln – die Hüftbeuger – angespannt und [...]

Is the Amazfit T-Rex 2 smartwatch a sensible choice for the nice outside?

Amazfit aims to offer a smartwatch with similar features to Garmin's offerings at a fraction of the price, but the T-Rex 2 rivals the big boys when it comes to providing reliable navigation, sports and fitness tech , or is it just prehistoric? battle hardened There's a lot to appreciate when it comes to examining [...]

Meal prep like a professional with chef and coach Joshua Bailey

With more than 14 million "meal prep" hashtags on Instagram, you've most likely seen a ton of images showing rows of food-filled containers lined up perfectly on the kitchen counter, followed by a plethora of tips and food preparation tips Meal prep-related hashtags and a swipe of a finger to have a chiseled physique to [...]

Weight reduction specialist Angela Fitch shares her high ideas for shedding pounds

Summer is officially upon us and thoughts quickly turn to out-of-office notes and lazy days in the sun, but if you haven't managed to get that summer-ready body you've been hoping for this year, just like years past, then you are certainly not alone. Losing weight is one of the toughest challenges we humans face, [...]

Construct higher physique power with this Burn Boot Camp exercise

Devan and Morgan Kline recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Burn Boot Camp. With around 400 franchises across the United States, the couple wanted to celebrate by providing the Muscle & Fitness family with an exclusive online upper body strength training program. "We're just giving you a little taste of our boot camp heaven!" says [...]

Why Reebok's new Nano 6000 seems to be nice on the road and flexes within the gymnasium

Reebok's Nano 6000 is no ordinary sneaker. While the company was keen to create a shoe suitable for athletic pursuits, they also wanted this new line to be worn proudly outside of the gym. What followed was a deep dive into Reebok's past to create something new for our future apparel. Undoubtedly influenced by Reebok's [...]