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UFC Fighter Michael ‘Venom’ Web page Shares His MMA Coaching Routine

When it comes to showmen in the world of mixed martial arts, Michael “Venom” Page is in a class of his own. Whether it be taking a faux selfie while pummeling an opponent to celebrating a knockout by putting on a Pokémon cap and rolling a toy Pokéball at his befallen challenger, Page’s bouts are [...]

5 Causes Ashwagandha is Nonetheless One of many Most Promising Dietary supplements to Attempt

Ashwagandha leaf extract is derived from the Withania somnifera plant and is thought to have an array of benefits. You’ve probably seen it in your local health store in pill form but understanding a compound that is difficult to pronounce might have you baffled as to the benefits. That said, ashwagandha is a mainstay of [...]

5 Kettlebell Coaching Workout routines Everybody Ought to Have in Their Exercises

Kettlebell training dates all the way back to 18th century Russia, however it still feels like yesterday that you’d be fortunate enough to find a decent set of bells at your neighborhood fitness club. That’s starting to change as kettlebells continue to increase in popularity among mainstream fitness athletes. When used properly, kettlebells can be [...]

eight Wholesome and Tasty Cereals to Begin Your Busy Day Off Proper

Convenient and satisfying, cereal is always going to be a breakfast staple for most guys. (Full disclosure: I’ve been known to scoop up cereal for dessert and without a shred of guilt about it.) But if you’re not careful you can end up with a nutrition bomb floating in your milk. With a little research, [...]

Embodying the Paradigm of Well being with Dr. Ivan Rusilko of Way of life Drugs: If Your Physician isn’t Your Hero, Discover a New One

In recent years, the conversation around health and wellness has taken a pivotal turn, emphasizing a more integrative approach that places exercise, nutrition, and functional medicine at its core. This all encompassing view counters the traditional healthcare model, which often prioritizes symptom management over preventive measures and lifestyle adjustments. This enduring problem highlights a significant [...]

How The Rock’s Return Helped Energy the Largest WrestleMania of All-Time 

Whether you are a pro wrestling fan or not, you may have noticed that with a new Netflix deal in the works, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returning to the ring, everyone seems to be talking about WWE. And, as the sports entertainment juggernaut just celebrated WrestleMania XL, new records were set in terms of [...]

Barre Coach Marnie Alton Explains the Advantages of Morning Motion

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Marnie Alton weighed in at just four pounds at birth, earning her the nickname; “Mouse,” but that didn’t stop her from becoming an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to encouraging people to stay strong in body and mind. Influenced by her roots as an on-stage actor and dancer, [...]

Da Rulk Speaks Concerning the Significance of Practical Coaching for First Responders

Joseph “Da Rulk” Sakoda is accustomed to being surrounded by greatness. The renowned trainer regularly works with people who exemplify that word. We’re not talking about just actors or athletes, even though he’s worked with some of them as well. Sakoda is best known for two things, one of them is his unique nickname—Da Rulk—which [...]

Why I Hold Returning to the Spartan Dying Race Regardless of Being Zero-Three

Twenty-four hours into my first Death Race, in 2018, I was hacking away at poison ivy and tick-infested brush on a Vermont mountain vista. As the hours passed, I found myself repeating, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ with every tedious swipe. Erica Schultz f The Unlikely Zen of Extreme Landscaping I had been warned [...]

BowFlex's Finest Weight Bench Is 'Sturdy and Properly-Made' and Simply Dropped to Its Lowest Worth in Over a Yr

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission. After a rush of BowFlex discounts during last month's Big Spring Sale at Amazon, the fitness brand has upped the ante. Shortly after the sale ended, BowFlex further discounted its [...]