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Because the "Tribal Chief" of the WWE, Roman Reigns nonetheless dominates each the ring and the gymnasium

If you have the opportunity to speak exclusively to WWE's Tribal Chief and Universal Champion Roman Reigns, you'll have to adjust to his busy schedule. If that means you're chatting to the 6 & # 39; 3 "warrior while he's in the middle of his morning cardio, then so be it. It's just another day […]

Improve your efficiency with SummaForte

Men’s Journal aims to present only the best products and services. We'll update whenever possible, but offers will expire and prices are subject to change. If you buy something through one of our links, we may earn a commission. Ask? You can reach us at Are you struggling to stay focused? Are you suffering […]

Strive these three coaching tricks to break by means of a pesky plateau

Progress in the gym is never in a straight line. There are times when you will crush your workouts and make big gains. Then there are moments when you and the barbell collide and everything comes to a standstill because you finally hit a "plateau". The dreaded training plateau is when progress stalls no matter […]

Taylor Spadaccino continues to be dedicated to nation, service and health

There are certain professions that automatically generate respect from others – the U.S. Navy is one of them. One of those titles for Americans is "Navy." That's why USMC veteran Taylor Spadaccino got emotional when she became one of the few and proud. “I remember crying. I had a puddle at my feet and I […]

& # 39; You have to be impressed with the way in which actor Travis Van Winkle placed on muscle

At 38, Travis Van Winkle wasn't always so torn. The actor struggled with his weight in his twenties before settling for Hollywood roles, including character Trent Sutton Demarco, whom he portrayed in Michael Bay's Transformers in 2007 and in a historic crossover, again in Bay's Friday the 13th Reboot in the year 2009 . The […]