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WINNING STRATEGY: Shawne Merriman brings "Lights Out" to "Xtreme" Heights

For the first time in almost two years, Shawne Merriman can finally turn the light back to "Lights Out". It's been a wild ride of engagement and uncertainty since the two-time NFL All-Pros and three-time Pro Bowl selections earned their nickname "Lights Out" after knocking four opponents unconscious in one game as a high school […]

How Kamal Elgargni made his bodybuilding profession a booming enterprise

One of the goals of every bodybuilder is to be able to convert training into business success. It's not just about paying the bills this month. Long-term financial freedom must also be taken into account. Great examples of champions who ruled the business world are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Cutler. Another person whose role model […]

Get in form for the workplace with this 20-minute full-body power circuit

With millions of people returning to the office in this unpredictable, pandemic-ravaged world, many of us may lose some of the free time that allowed extra exercise, track runs, and brisk walks in the great outdoors. And since the New York Times reports that being locked out and eating more while inactive and watching Netflix […]

AJ McKee has 1,000,000 causes to organize for his Bellator title shot

After each of his 17 early career wins, AJ McKee has made sure that he has his sights set on Patricio "Pitbull" Freire, the current featherweight and lightweight Bellator champion and a man who many consider to be the greatest MMA fighter in their history Promotion. After challenging him publicly countless times, “the mercenary” (17-0-0) […]

"Femme Flex Friday" focuses on Daybreak Nasta. on the restoration

"Everyone should practice recovery." These words from two-time Olympic fitness champion Whitney Jones are very important to anyone looking to change their looks and performance. However, not everyone pays as much attention to recovery as they should. There is a lot of emphasis on what happens in the gym and what pre-workout to do before […]

Patricio Freire maintains a "pit bull" mentality for his subsequent title protection

For Patricio "Pitbull" Freire, there is not much left to prove at this point in his career. And yet he feels he has to prove everything. The 34-year-old currently rules Bellator as both feather and lightweight champion and is already considered by many to be the best fighter in Bellator history. Even with a million […]

Lane Johnson builds higher workforce chemistry (and physique) in his "Bro Barn"

Often times the first word used to see Lane Johnson up close and personal is simply "how" – as in "How can an athlete so big, strong, fast and agile do something more dominant than protecting quarterbacks and D Destroy lines? " But don't call the mix of powerlifter strength, inner linebacker speed, and NBA […]