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Funded: three frequent hydration myths debunked

Almost every body function, from sleep to exercise performance, is directly influenced by your fluid content. In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, staying hydrated helps with a variety of other vital factors, including maintaining optimal blood pressure, promoting kidney health, and aiding in fat loss. In addition, the human body consists of almost 60% […]

UFC fighter Luke Rockhold on filming & # 39; Cagefighter & # 39; and its return to the octagon

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold was looking for his acting debut when the script for Cagefighter fell on his doorstep. The role of Tony Gunn, a combat trainer who helps a mixed marriage artist prepare for an epic fight, may have been written for him. "The fighting world is anything but alien to me, […]

Play it protected: Progressive gaiters and face masks for each exercise, indoors or outdoor

matter where you choose your next workout – we have it all for you. The new adjustable gaiters and sports masks from MISSION are an absolute must for fitness lovers and will definitely be your new training equipment. These new, innovative MISSION products are multi-layered and based on VaporActive's heat release technology, which has revolutionized […]