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From TD's to WOD's, athletics helped Berto Colón conquer Hollywood

At 48, Berto Colón is always at his absolute best. Whether he's stealing scenes on the soccer field, in the CrossFit arena, or on screen, the Ponce, Puerto Rico man never brings anything back from his A-game. M&F sat down with the fast-rising performer, who first attracted attention as Cesar Velazquez in Orange is the […]

Health FYI: In case you missed it, right here's what's occurring in wellness

It's been a busy week of fitness, and in this round-up, Muscle & Fitness shares some of the hottest, most impactful stories from the past few days in the world of health and wellness. Look at her: Joe Mackey wows with 800lb deadlift on Instagram On Saturday January 15th, pro bodybuilder Joe Mackey released a […]

Bryan Danielson stays in prime wrestling form as AEW's "Marathon Man."

Bryan Danielson is still trendy at 40. After signing with All Elite Wrestling in 2021, the multiple WWE Champion hasn't missed a beat, delivering some of the biggest performances of his career against the likes of Kenny from Omega and Hangman Page. Muscle & Fitness sat down with the high flyer to find out how […]

Don't fret over power imbalances, stability your self with these four unilateral strikes

Lifters who focus only on the big bilateral movements of the squat, press, and deadlift family get strong, but can develop muscle imbalances. The body will always resort to plan B to complete the lift, and that's not always a good thing. A power imbalance in itself is not a big deal. But over time […]

How 'The Fittest Man Alive' incorporates CBD into his restoration

This article was created in collaboration with cbdMD Justin Medeiros began doing high-intensity strength and conditioning CrossFit workouts to become a stronger wrestler. But a week before the 2017 wrestling practices were due to begin in Boise State, the school announced it would be cutting its intercollegiate program. It was at this point that the […]

Bounce, drop, and push again up on this one-sided, full-body problem

For years I've been posting some crazy challenges for a group of friends I used to train with. w I'm doing this to combat the boredom that threatens our fitness lifestyle. Regardless of your dedication or fitness level, we all know that no matter where you train, sometimes it can get a bit monotonous. Hopefully […]

Leanbean Evaluation 2022: The Finest Fats Burner That Actually Works

This is sponsored content. Men's Journal does not endorse the sites or products listed below. Leanbean is a diet supplement that claims to be an organic way to help women lose weight. However, we wanted to make sure that this was actually true, so we decided to test this supplement for ourselves. We also did […]

Right here's a again construct breakdown on how you can beat Meadows Row

One-arm rowing is often thought of as the poor cousin of bilateral rowing. Then came the Meadows series. This rowing variation allows you to go hard and heavy without being inhibited by large and bulky dumbbells. The late John Meadows, a former IFBB bodybuilder and Mountain Dog head trainer, came up with this awesome twist, […]

What do the navy hold of their fitness center luggage? Listed below are Erik Bartell's 6 necessities

Erik Bartell is a military veteran, entrepreneur and fitness instructor who has turned his passion for exercising into a career. You can follow his workout routines on M&F's IG TV page and read about his interesting and inspiring story here. What we haven't asked Bartell, however, is how the husband and father of two prepares […]