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5 Wege, wie Kenny Omega zu einem der größten Profi-Wrestler aller Zeiten wurde

Kenny Omega gilt zu Recht als einer der größten aktiven Profi-Wrestler im Quadrat, aber der Beste in dem von ihm gewählten Handwerk zu werden, ist ein komplexer Weg, der Entschlossenheit, Zusammenarbeit und Innovation erfordert. In einem seltenen ausführlichen Interview mit dem Mann selbst tauchte Muscle & Fitness tief in die Gedanken eines der größten Intellektuellen [...]

Enhance your rope climbing expertise with these skilled suggestions

For some, rope climbing may look easy, but rest assured that they didn't just climb the rope when they first got started. Rope climbing is an intense workout that requires a specific technique (and lots of practice) to master. But what about those kids in high school gym class who made rope climbing look like [...]

The Bodybuilding Profession of Diana Dennis

Diana Dennis competed successfully in bodybuilding from 1981 to 1994. This is notable as female bodybuilding careers in the 1980s tended to be relatively short. There was still a great deal of resistance to aesthetic female muscle, many assessments were problematic, and female participants tended to be discouraged from dropping out and not realizing their [...]

Here is a shoe that may (kind of) do the strolling for you

Futuristic footwear brand Baliston has introduced a new experience that's a step above your regular shoe. This sustainable, AI-powered garment analyzes numerous data points every time you step onto the pavement and is also 100 percent recyclable. t wanting to be left behind, I tested a pair myself and I will never see a plain [...]

Why each athlete ought to strive the "Murph" WOD this Memorial Day

Walk a mile. Do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats. Then walk another mile. This is Murphy. Arguably CrossFit's most famous (or infamous) WOD, Murph is the ultimate test of cardio endurance, bodyweight strength, and sheer mental toughness. For many die-hard gym goers, it's impossible to do 100 pull-ups alone, let alone run a [...]

Fly to Larger Wins by Eliminating These four Dumbbell Chest Flying Errors

The bench press and its variations remain the most popular exercise for building chest size and strength. But don't neglect the dumbbell chest fly exercise and all of its pec-pump versions. The beauty of this exercise is that it hits the triceps hard, so you can focus on your chest as long as you avoid [...]

Males's Journal On a regular basis Warrior Podcast Episode 62: Kelly Slater

Men's Journal's Everyday Warrior Podcast with Mike Sarraille is a podcast that inspires people to live more fulfilling lives by engaging in conversations with disruptors and achievers from all walks of life. In episode 62, we spoke to pro surfer Kelly Slater, who fell in love with the sport at a young age. He started [...]