Prime Gastroenterologist Endorses Inno Supps Inno Cleanse: This is Why

This is sponsored content. M&F does not endorse the sites or products listed in this article. It seems that gut health is finally getting the attention it deserves. People are finally realizing that the gut is connected to almost every bodily function. Maintaining a healthy weight, hormones, liver, brain health, immunity, sleep and mood are [...]

Andrea Shaw and Cyd Gillon share Olympic champion coaching secrets and techniques

Top athletes not only want to improve themselves, but also help others to improve. On a recent episode of Femme Flex Friday, three-time Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw and six-time Figure Olympian Cydney Gillon met with host Alina Popa at a gym to share secrets that helped them become world champions in their respective divisions . [...]

You've got signed up on your first Spartan Extremely 50Okay race - now what?

That's what I asked myself after completing what now seems like a stupid, idiotic decision to compete in the Spartan Ultra 50K Race, a 50K, 60 (sixty) obstacle trail run on 6. So far I've had exactly zero running challenges in my fitness journey completed more than half of this distance. Every year I do [...]