WWE strengthens its "NIL" program with Exos partnership

M&F has learned of a new partnership that will support WWE's efforts to find the next larger than life artist across football, track and field, basketball, cheerleading and beyond. By tag-teaming with Exos, a global leader in human performance enhancement, prospective WWE “NIL” Program signees have the best possible opportunity to fulfill their sporting potential [...]

Blast by way of coaching plateaus with these DC Comics collabs

2022 was a year of recovery for fans of the DC Extended Universe. t only was Dwayne Johnson's electrifying portrayal of "Black Adam" finally coming to the big screen, we've also been bombarded with the news that Henry Cavill is back in the herd and, to boot, he'll be repeating his bulletproof presentation of Superman. [...]

The 5 simplest workouts a person can do

There are few exercises that address everything at once—strength, flexibility, endurance, and power. If you're looking for the most effective exercises, we have five options for a great total body workout, all courtesy of NFL Coach Ryan Flaherty. Best of all, these moves take the guesswork out of putting together a routine that maximizes gains [...]

The hashish trade is launching its latest client buying software: Scratch and Sniff

1965 was a turning point in American culture. Malcolm X was assassinated, the first American troops landed in Vietnam, Bob Dylan published Like a Rolling Stone — and Gale Matson, a chemist working at 3M's St. Paul, Minnesota labs, accidentally invented Scratch and Sniff. Within a few years children would be pressing their noses against [...]

The 9 Finest Protein Powders For Weight Acquire Out there In 2022

This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article. If you want to gain muscle mass or supplement your diet with some more calories, it can be challenging. Luckily, we’re about to show you a supplement that can make gaining weight easier. We’re talking about protein powder for [...]

To maximise center age, attempt to reside a high-performance way of life

I recently flew to New York City to attend a three day high performance lifestyle performance event. I met the founder, Brian Mazza, when he was a guest on my Midlife Male Podcast and he invited me to attend the event. So what is a high-performance lifestyle? I've been asking myself that quite a lot [...]

These three wholesome and straightforward to make desserts might be successful on the vacation occasion

The holidays are almost upon us, which means there's gooey chocolate chip cookies and homemade cakes at your fingertips. (who is complaining). Though it's the time of year to treat yourself a little extra, there are healthy and delicious holiday dessert recipes so you don't have to sweat the candy this year if you want [...]