Born Barikor exhibits you methods to practice for any sport

After the last two years of uncertainty, the summer of 2022 has mercifully turned out to be a great summer for athletics thanks to myriad COVID restrictions. From last July's IAAF World Championships in Eugene, Oregon, to the Commonwealth Games in August, we've had a lot of fun, and as the track and field season [...]

Nike Metcon eight: what's modified with this eighth technology coaching shoe?

Nike's eighth generation of the popular Metcon series is just around the corner and intends to further conquer the market for gym and CrossFit enthusiasts, but the Nike Metcon 8 is up to the task of competing with the likes of Reebok's Nano or Rogue's NOBULL training shoe ? And how do the 8s differ [...]

Anti-Ageing Convention and Olympia Weekend Set for Again-to-Again Weekends in Vegas

The world of science and anti-aging continues to align with the world of bodybuilding and overall fitness, a reality that will be on full display during a unique scheduling phenomenon this December in Las Vegas. The people and companies that make up the world of bodybuilding have a mission to help build a better body [...]

5 Restoration Strategies You Do not Use, However Ought to

This article was created in collaboration with Original Hemp You've chosen your training splits and your progress—but if you're not equally focused on optimizing recovery, you're doing your efforts a disservice. Recovery is the workhorse of muscular and cardiovascular development. It cleans metabolic waste from broken down fibers and brings fresh, nutrient-rich blood to help [...]

Jason Walsh, founding father of Rise Nation, provides a glance inside his fitness center bag

Jason Walsh is an LA-based trainer who has coached the likes of Matt Damon, Miles Teller, Brie Larson and Bradley Cooper for some of the most physically demanding roles of their careers. He is also the founder of Rise Nation, which started in 2014 with the concept of training like an athlete while working smarter, [...]

Mike Erwin switched from serving to "main" the Reds, Whites and Blues

Team RWB (Red, White, Blue) is an organization whose mission is to support U.S. Armed Forces veterans by working to "guide them through this journey of real and virtual opportunities focused on building a healthier lifestyle because they are strong The focus on mental and physical health is critical to ensuring the veterans’ best days [...]

These four tricep workouts will allow you to enhance higher physique lockout energy

If you asked 100 gym rats if they'd like to have those horseshoe-shaped triceps, 99 would say yes. The one person who said no is obviously lying and didn't include tricep exercises in their routine. The triceps make up over 2/3 of the upper arm and it takes time and patience to build a large [...]

MayLa Ash Making Her Case To Be the Face of Ladies’s Bodybuilding

Women’s bodybuilding is undeniably going through a resurgence. Leading the comeback are a group of extraordinarily gifted women such as MayLa Ash, who have taken on the role of personifying, dignifying, and being the ambassadors for the new look of the sport. Their mission is clear – to advance the brand by making women’s bodybuilding [...]