The total physique shadow boxing exercise routine to get able to struggle

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Imagine moving like Mayweather, bumping like Klitschko, and even developing a terrible Tyson-like look while being torn apart like Amir Khan. Sorry, the first three won't happen. However, it is still possible to improve your fighting game - even without the use of boxing equipment such as gloves, a heavy bag or the risk of being knocked out - and burn enough fat to get a World Cup physique.

Shadow boxing is a staple for fighters - it's also a sneaky killer cardio workout. While burning more than 400 calories an hour, shadow boxing also helps you develop foot speed, hand-eye coordination, and technique. And best of all, it can be done anywhere, anytime for a quick and heartbreaking battle session.

"Shadow boxing is great whole body workout with minimal impact," says boxing instructor Cole Williams. "Every punch is like a pulley system that works on your hips, core and shoulders - just tearing your body apart."

Of course, Williams, one of the coaches at L.A.'s newly opened BoxUnion studio, would prefer you to sign up for one of his signature high impact, high energy boxes. But if SoCal isn't your locale, there's no reason why Williams' 30-minute full-body shadow boxing training won't let you reach the beach, your office, and your ring practically anywhere.

For half an hour you'll throw hooks and shots, do quick sprints, even drop a few burpees and make your arms and legs shake, gasp for your lungs, and raise your heart rate to full fat-burning mode.

"This training can be done at home, in the garden, in the park, in the gym and in the hotel room," says Williams. "The only thing you need is openness! equipment required. Just have fun! "

Just make sure you hydrate because you'll be sweating, Williams says. Choose a good playlist (Williams suggests G-Eazy's "Good Life" as a good intro). Then get ready.


Warming up

* /

Warm up shadow boxes
exercise Duration Remarks
Shadow boxes 1 minute.
pushups 30 seconds.
Jumping jacks 1 minute. "This will help loosen your arms when the time comes."
climber 30 seconds.
Walking lungs 1 minute.
Jump squat 30 seconds. "Create a huge explosion like reaching for the stars."
Rest 30 seconds.
* Repeat warming up with increased intensity

The main event * /

Shadow Boxing Main Event
exercise Duration Remarks
Shadow boxes 2 minutes. n-stop punching - butts, crosses, lead hooks, rear hooks, top cuts, and defense chutes and rolls. "Stay light on your feet with uninterrupted movement," Williams says.
To run 2 minutes. Two minutes, hard, at 75-90% of your max. "You should be breathing hard; Your opponent is on your tail, ”says Williams.
Shadow boxes 2 minutes. This time you're doing four-stroke combos, spinning after everyone, playing at speed, and focusing on your footwork. "This is the time to see all of the Rocky and show your best moves," says Williams.
Rest 1 minute. "Take a minute to reset," Williams says. "Hold your breath and concentrate when you go to Round 2. Make your punches cleaner and snap even faster than in Round 1. At the end of Round 2, you want to feel like you are in eight rounds Tyson drove! "
"With this sequence, try to go straight to the next exercise," says Williams. “(After shadow boxing), meet this run. Take 30 seconds if necessary and take a sip of water. Then press on! "

LAST ROUND: Perform each exercise at 60 second intervals.

* /

Shadow boxing final round
exercise Duration Remarks
Long jump 1 minute.
Burpee 1 minute.
Alternating side lunge 1 minute. Keep one leg straight as you jump chest to side, knees, toes, and hips in a line - and smile broadly.
Sprint punches 1 minute. Only mix bumps and crosses, says Williams. "Let them tear. Speed ​​is the name of the game."
Rest 1 minute.
To repeat

cooling down

Hold your breath and do a slight stretch. "Take a moment to appreciate your ability to move the way you just did," says Williams.


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