A have a look at Laird Hamilton's wellness practices

It is impossible not to be inspired when Laird Hamilton talks about his wellness trip and his obviously deep-rooted passion for a healthy life.

The world-famous big wave surfer, legendary Waterman and entrepreneur, an icon of his own, has paved the way for aspiring and professional athletes in many ways when it comes to pushing the boundaries of fitness and focusing on cleanliness and sustainability Nutrition.

Hamilton, the founder of Laird Superfood - a collection of herbal supplements - and the XPT Life training program, which focuses on free-weight and endurance exercises in the water, touches every element of a well-rounded wellness routine.

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Aside from coconut water, turmeric, and the extreme training and recovery techniques for which he is known, we were curious about Hamilton's guiding principles, theories, and practices related to nutrition and general well-being. He also shares the perfect summer recipe with the latest taste from Laird Superfoods HYDRATE.

How would you summarize your approach to "wellness"? How has this approach changed and evolved over the years?

I've been on a mission to improve my health for decades. Whether it is my fitness routine or my diet, I never stopped looking for ways to optimize my body and mind. t only did I want to improve myself, I also wanted to help my friends and family through my research and experiments to get information to see what actually happened.

I've always felt that if you use the right fuel, you can achieve anything, and it starts with clean whole foods.

You seem to have a very balanced approach to strengthening the body through diet - how do you see some of the diet trends? Which (if any) make the most sense and have the greatest merit in your head?

Eating is important to maintain my energy all day long. So I only choose things that naturally fire my body instead of charging things that slow it down. I would say that Gabby (Reece) and I are on a paleo diet, but we are both advocates of a plant-based, whole-food lifestyle.

We just like to add a small amount of quality fish and meat and try to eat a variety of vegetables every day. The most important thing is to make sure that REAL foods are used as fuel and medicine, but not to be dogmatic when eating.

Laird superfoods

When you read your book "Fuel Up" it becomes clear that you attach great importance to sustainability, the source of your food and the way from the farm to the table. For those who are unable to grow their own groceries, what is the most important tip to keep in mind when trying to navigate the supermarket, read labels, etc. from a health perspective?

Research for companies or local suppliers - pay attention to where the products you buy come from or how they are manufactured. The amazing thing about Laird superfood creams and coconut water is that you have been drinking coffee and water all day. However, if you only make a small change from your usual sugary latte or sports drink to using whole foods, you are putting you much bigger for success.

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What does a day of eating look like for you when you exercise with weights or in the pool? What if you are surfing?

It's about consistency and simplicity. Since I see food as fuel for the body, I decide what I want to eat and drink based on how it helps me maintain and maintain my active lifestyle.

When I get up, I immediately grab my Activate Daily Jumpstart and mix it with a glass of water to crank up my body. My morning mainly consists of coffee from my superfood line and adding my original or turmeric creams for long energy consumption. Lunch is usually my first meal of the day and is made from high quality animal protein and vegetables.

I try to eat as naturally as possible and eliminate dairy products, carbohydrates, alcohol and desserts. And I don't try to snack out of habit unless it's macadamia nuts or pili nuts. I usually fill my dinner, which is similar to lunch, with Chaga mushroom tea and make sure I hydrate with my HYDRATE line all day.

Talk about a few ways you can promote post-workout recovery: what do you eat and what other tools and tricks do you use to help keep inflammation down and promote faster recovery times?

Hydration is the key to optimal performance, recovery and flexibility. I also try to include saunas in my evening routine and use HYDRATE Laird superfood products to absorb minerals that were lost during the workout.

Laird Hamilton What is Cooking?Photo: Courtesy of Laird Superfoods

Part of your XPT program is exposing the body to extremely hot and cold temperatures via a heated sauna and ice baths. Can you explain how this affects the physiology of the body from a scientific point of view? Is it better (heat versus cold) when it comes to body recovery?

Over the past 20 years, Gabby and I have found that cycling in the sauna with a dip in an ice bath is an incredible boost to our recovery. Most people tend to beware of the ice bath because the heat is obviously more fun, but there is substantial evidence that the contrast between hot and cold is better than just the heat alone.

Several studies found that immersion in cold water significantly delayed sore muscles up to 96 hours after exercise and limited muscle pain and swelling. Warmth also helps with muscle pain, but also increases the body's aerobic ability through cardiovascular adjustments and improves its thermoregulatory ability. An easy way to practice is to start with the heat first and then continue with the cold.

Are you talking about the importance of breathing and breathing work as it affects our overall wellbeing - physical body reactions as well as the effects on the mind and mental focus?

Overall, I think a relationship with your breath will definitely improve your athletic performance. You have a conscious mind that you may not have had before you started. Breathing is ultimately the essence of life. breath, no life. oxygen, no life.

It's something we overlook because we do it unconsciously, but once you use it to perform better in your workout, you will see your results evolve. You can do more if your body is properly oxygenated.

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What is your best piece of advice or a lesson you have learned to maintain consistent, healthy eating habits and support an active lifestyle?

Consistency is key. You will feel and see results over time if you continue to follow a fixed plan for your eating and active habits. Everyone has days off, including me, but the longer you make these healthy decisions, the better your performance will be in the long run.

Laird Hamilton What is Cooking? Photo: Courtesy of Laird Superfoods

What motivates you to keep pushing yourself forward every day?

Regarding my company, it is incredibly important for the Laird Superfood team that our company works with the most responsible and ethical practices that are possible. That will always be a central pillar for the company.

At the same time, I want to offer people clean products that enable them to perform at their best, regardless of their job. I tend to be interested in companies that are a real extension of myself or my lifestyle, and a balanced lifestyle is so important to my career as a surfer and athlete that I think that others who are looking for healthy changes are also could benefit from these habits.

Laird's Pineapple Frozen Margarita Mocktail

Laird Hamilton What is Cooking? Photo: Courtesy of Laird Superfoods

"Many of my favorite recipes involve using Laird superfood products that we post on our blog," Laird says. "Since my way of eating does not use alcohol, a cocktail or a summer drink is a fun way to avoid the urge."

- 1/4 cup frozen pineapple and mango each
- 1 tbsp pineapple mango hydrate powder
- 3/4 ounce of lime juice
- 1/2 ounce agave syrup
- 1/2 cup of water
- Lime and tagine for garnish
- Optional: tequila

- Mix frozen fruit, pineapple-mango-HYDRAT, lime juice-agave syrup and water.
- Place a wedge of lime around the edge of the mason jar and immerse in Tajin.
- Pour the drink into a mason jar and garnish with a lime.

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