The quick exercise routine for physique weight


If you can't do much, do little. If you work late, are busy with children, or are stuck at home (thanks, COVID-19), it is much better to exercise quickly than not to. Just because you may not have access to weights does not mean that you cannot participate in an effective training session.

Building muscle mass is about damaging your muscle tissue, and you can do that with your body weight. There are several techniques you can use to increase the intensity of your workout. You can add more sets or reps, reduce the pause between sets, slow down your repetitions, and add a weight vest (if available). (If fat loss is your goal, the same techniques apply. You just need to make sure your diet is up to date.)

However, when it comes to strength training, you need more than your body weight. For one thing, it's not enough to do power lifting as your own body weight because you have to master the big three - squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. While you can replicate these patterns with your body weight, it's not the same as using a barbell. Also, getting strong - say putting 225 pounds on the bench, lifting 405, and crouching 315 for starters - requires constant progress. And yes, the techniques above will help you build muscle and make your workout more difficult, but 100 squats with more body weight don't mean 100 pounds on the bar. It's apple and oranges.

Still, we have a routine that you can only do at home with your body weight. It consists of five moves and hits every important muscle from head to toe. While you need a chin-up bar (which you can get on Amazon for under $ 40), you can lie in a row of suspension trainers or reverse rows under a heavy dining table, grab the edge with both hands, and stretch out your feet. and row. Ideal? Better than nothing? Always.

Read on to find the best course of action for this body weight workout routine.

When to do it

After each workout if you feel particularly tight. Or if you're on the watch, this workout is intense enough to be a standalone workout.

Why do it

Simple: You collect more volume for all important muscle groups: legs, back, chest and core.

Get it done

Do 10 repetitions of each exercise as a circut and descend two repetitions until you reach two. If you are more advanced, rest less after each lap.


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