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Lets face it, gyms and health clubs are great, unless:

I joined a gym less than 5 miles away! I figured I could go at
least 3 days a week on my lunch hour.

Here's how it went for me:

Day 1: Great workout, felt pumped.

Day 2: Already felt kinda sore, so didn't workout as
intensively as Day 1. Didn't accomplish much when I got back to

Day 3: Had a really important errand to run so I skipped

Day 4: Forced to skip again due to a lunch date that I
just *couldn't* get out of 😉

Day 5: Finally made it back to the gym again! Felt like
Day 2 for some reason, though, because I just couldn't really get

Sadly, this cycle pretty much continued like this for about 2
months. I doubt I made it to the gym more than a dozen times during
those two months.

So much for my 3 workouts a week!

Hopefully you aren't as bad as I was, but if you have trouble
making it to the gym for any reason, I'm about to show you
the solution to your fitness problems!

There's so much garbage and hype being thrown at us each and
every day...on T.V., on the Internet, on the radio...everywhere!

And, if you're like me, you've tried the diets, watched the
videos, and choked down more pills than you care to remember 😉

Then a few short months later, where do you end up?

Right back where you started!

Somewhere along the line you come to the realization that the
only real way to lose weight and get in shape is through

The fastest way (and the one with the longest lasting results) is
through lifting weights.

But then you start looking at all of your options and all of a
sudden none of them look that appealing.

It becomes a matter of not enough time, not enough confidence,
not enough money, not enough space for a full-blown home gym, and
the list goes on and on.

Now, let me tell you a little secret...

That's it, just a set of dumbbells and a bench and you can be on
your way to a healthier, happier YOU!

I know, I know...your B.S.-o-meter is going off like crazy all of
a sudden. But hang in there with me for another minute.

Most experts agree that nothing gives you a total body workout
like free weights. You can't get the same range of motion when
you're using a machine, plus when you use free weights your body
also has to compensate for balance and control of the weights (an
added bonus.)

What was your first thought when I mentioned free weights? Did
images of 500 pound massive barbells pop into your head? Did you
immediately dismiss this idea because you typically need two people
to keep from getting injured? Or, did you just instantly figure you
need a gym for that stuff?

If so, then this letter should be an eye-opener!

All you really need is a set of dumbbells and a cheap flat bench.
You can get a total body workout in the privacy of your own
home, by yourself, with just these simple tools.

Here are some advantages:

In it you will find step-by-step instructions, and
illustrations, for every muscle group in your body to show you
exactly how to get in shape in a hurry!

No more guessing, no more trying to figure out how you should be
working out. Instead you'll learn exactly what you need to know to
workout in the privacy of your own home with nothing more than a set
of dumbbells and a bench.

Click here if you are
ready to order now

In it, you'll find the following information:

Each exercise is broken down to make it easy to understand and
follow. Plus, you'll get instant access to the downloadable guide in
PDF format so you can run it on any type of computer or MAC!

Print out your copy, and then get started working out right away.

I figured it was the only way to know you're getting exactly what
your looking for.

The next step was to keep it as affordable as possible so that
most people would be able to easily afford a copy.

That alone should convince you to snatch up a copy right away,
but I understand you may be worried about any risk or anything like
that, so...

I understand that everyone has totally
different motivations and desires, so I want to
make it perfectly clear that if for any
reason you are not satisfied with this
guide, send me an email within 90 days of your
purchase and I'll refund every penny you
paid...and you still get to keep

Your information is completely secure and
will never be shared, sold, or in any way
used for anything but my communications to you
as my customer.

Just remember how good you are going to look, and feel once
you've started making improvements in your body!

Your clothes will start to fit, you will no longer be embarrassed
to wear a T-shirt and shorts in public...and you can accomplish all
of this in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

Mike Westerdal, BS, CPT
[email protected]

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