Break Free Muscle Healing System – Heal Your Body By Unsticking Your Muscles

Product Name: Break Free Muscle Healing System – Heal Your Body By Unsticking Your Muscles

Have injuries, repetitive work, or even sitting too much left you with weak, painful muscles?

Have your problems continued even though you’ve done everything you can to get better?

Have you ever wondered why your muscle problems keep getting worse over time?

It’s because there could be a dangerous condition in your muscles that no one has told you about

Have injuries, repetitive work, or even sitting too much left you with weak, painful muscles?

Have your problems continued even though you’ve done everything you can to get better?

Have you ever wondered why your muscle problems keep getting worse over time?

It’s because there could be a dangerous condition in your muscles that no one has told you about

Your problem could be internal scar tissue.

It’s also called fibrosis, fibrotic tissue, muscle adhesions, or dense scar tissue.

And if your body doesn’t feel or move the way it used to…

Then it’s almost certain you have it too.

Medical imaging is great at finding broken bones, or torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

But they don’t reveal the long term problem that hurts your muscles.

The best way to find the dense scar tissue that’s making your muscles sticky is to feel for it by hand.

It’s easy to do with a trick I’m going to show you.

The scar tissue that makes your muscles sticky doesn’t happen when you get injured. It’s actually your body’s way of repairing the damage after the fact(1).

After your muscles are damaged your body creates strands of new muscle fibre to protect you. And these new muscle fibres are strong.

But they don’t move very well.

And over time that leads to loss of strength and flexibility, and then pain. 

And your body doesn’t have a way of getting rid of this problem on its own.

And unfortunately it just gets worse from there.

Your stuck muscles don’t glide across other muscles the way they should. And that forces nearby muscles to work harder to make up for it.

And those muscles get their own internal scar tissue.(3)

So, as you can see… your sticky muscles are like a virus contaminating other muscles around them.

Out of all my sports injuries my shoulder was causing me the most problems.

Unlike most of my other injuries, my shoulder never suffered what they call “acute injury”.

Meaning I never had an accident.

My shoulder had something possibly worse. Micro tearing.

That comes from thousands of repetitions causing mini injuries that build up to become a big problem.

And what made it worse was…

My shoulder problems went all the way back to my childhood love of throwing a baseball for hours everyday.

But now I’m all grown up..

And I couldn’t even play a game of catch with my 4 year old son.

I know this sounds pathetic..

But I actually spent years faithfully doing shoulder rehab exercises without getting better.

It did all the exercises given me by my physiotherapist. I also tried routines from youtube, famous blogs, and books written by experts…

With almost no improvement.

I now know that it was impossible for my shoulder to get better because my muscles were full of dense fibrous scar tissue… The sticky muscles I’ve been telling you about.

My sticky muscles wouldn’t move correctly..

So all the exercises I was doing were actually making things worse…

Because my muscles were learning to move the wrong way… Instead of the right way.

Flash forward to today and my shoulder is strong and pain free.

Everything changed when I decided to do my own research. 

I read hundreds of articles, books, clinical trials… whatever I could get my hands on.

And I saw as many top rehab professionals as I could… the ones who get paid big bucks to fix high level athletes.

What I discovered is that you can find and get rid of dense scar tissue in your muscles by using…

And by following the principles that I learned from my research, and with a lot of experimentation..

I was able to do it to myself.

And even though I’m decades past my athletic prime… I found that my body can feel and move better than it has in years.

In a matter of weeks I was able to get back the strength and movement in my shoulder that had been missing for decades. Each session my shoulder felt stronger, and had less pain.

I wasn’t even thinking about it when one day I noticed my shoulder had no pain and felt great.

I immediately put my shoulder through a series of tests to see if this was real.

I could hardly believe it. No pain. No crunching sounds. My should felt and moved better than I could ever remember.

Since that experience I’ve used the method on other parts of my body. I used the same two steps to attack other injured areas of my body.

First I find the muscle that’s “infected”.

Then I use a simple technique, which I call the Easy Glide, to break down the dense scar tissue and “unstick” the muscle.

I feel improvements after just the first session.

You could feel these big changes too.

Your body can move better.

A few sessions is all it takes to start getting your body back.

Like Steve, a young soccer player, who rolled his ankle and needed to get back to playing as soon as he could.

We did two sessions on his calf before he even visited his physiotherapist.

He performed so well on the therapist’s tests that he was given a simple program and no need for a follow up visit.

Nancy, a 39 year old graphic artist, suffered from “humpback neck” also called Dowager’s hump.

She had seen a chiropractor and done posture exercises in the past.. But her “hump” was bigger than ever from too much computer work.

I used the Easy Glide technique to break up the sticky muscles at the top of her back. Within minutes she felt better than ever.

When she got to her feet she was standing a full inch taller!

Unlike surgery, painkillers, or even some stretches.. These self healing methods can’t harm you.

There are no negative side effects.

And they also don’t aggravate your problem leaving you worse off than before.

In fact it does just the opposite. Each session lessens the amount of sticky tissue in your muscles so that they move and feel better than ever.

With your new pain-free body you can:

For me the best thing was being able to play catch with my energy filled 4-year old.

What will you do with your new pain-free body?

On my journey to healing my own body I tried quite a few things:

I can honestly say that these things were all at least somewhat helpful.

But none of them fixed the real problem that stopped my body from getting better. None of them removed the stickiness in my muscles.

And if you’ve struggled to get over your own pain..

And you want to move like you once did..

Then you will want to get rid of it too.

And now’s your chance by using the simple techniques I used to treat my own sticky muscle problems.

An easy system to help everyday people rid themselves of internal scar tissue and heal their muscle pain just like I did.. Right in the comfort of your home.

Note: Videos are a digital product. DVD disks for illustation only

The Break Free Muscle Healing System has everything you need to take away the pain caused by sticky muscles.

Note: Videos are a digital product. DVD disks for illustation only

I created this system to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of. A life without needless pain. A life where you are in charge of your body and what you can do. 

That’s why I stand behind my program 100%. 

If you invest in this program and feel as if it hasn’t changed your life – I don’t want your money… 

You have up to 60 days to request a refund at any time. Just send me an email. I will return your money.

If you regularly see professional help for your pain, you now have the chance to get a lifelong healing system for less than the cost of a single visit to a chiropractor or other professional.

But I was able to do better on my own.

And so will you with the Break Free Muscle Healing System.

And you will be able to keep the time and money spent seeing a professional…

This is your chance to feel great.

If you want to “think about it” and maybe come back to this page in the future, read the following words carefully… 

and every day that passes you’ll have more scar tissue, more pain, more frustration, and no control over your own body and life.

Because your sticky muscles don’t move right, they have a high chance of getting hurt again.(3)

The Break Free Muscle Healing System is a foolproof way to find your “great offender” – the muscle in your body with the most scar tissue. The muscle infecting everything around it.

And once you’ve found it I show you the world’s easiest way to get rid of the problem.

Imagine what your life will be like when you own the Break Free Muscle Healing System.

Living life without the distraction of pain.. Instead of getting worse by the day…

You choose when you want to do something fun… Not your body.

Working, playing, relaxing, working out… the way you did before muscle pain got in the way.

You can keep on the same road you’re on. 

If you’re taking meds to mask the pain, you can keep doing that. 

If you’re following a rehab routine even though your stuck muscles won’t move the way you want them to, you can keep doing that.

Or maybe you can just do nothing at all.

If you follow this path, and keep doing the same things, what do you think you’ll get?

My guess is you’ll get more frustration, and more regret that you didn’t do something about it when you had the chance.

You try to figure out how you can remove scar tissue on your own.

It took a lot of experimentation.

It took a lot more losses than wins…

And so could you if you feel like putting in the time, money, and risk to figure it out yourself.

If this is the path you choose then I wish you the best, and I hope it works out.

You buy my system for less than the price of a 15 minute session with a professional.

In this option you find out which muscle or muscles is causing your problems and use a simple technique to rid it of scar tissue buildup.

Everyday your body feels better as it starts to move the way it did before your muscles got sticky.

You end up having a skill that you can use on yourself AND on anyone you care about.

Imagine having healing hands that work on yourself and work on those you love. 

There’s no license or permit to use this system. You don’t have to take another course to keep your skills. It’s yours to use whenever and however you want…

P.S. If you want your pain to go away, and to be able to move like a kid again, you need to rid yourself of the internal scar tissue in your muscles. 

The only way to do it for yourself is with my Break Free Muscle Healing System. It shows you an easy technique that cleans out the gummy strands of scar tissue in your muscles, so you can live and move pain free.

P.P.S With my 60-day unconditional guarantee you have nothing to lose. You pay a small amount for the chance to change your life, or you don’t pay a cent.

It’s time to take back your life and be the boss of your body by clicking or tapping here to get started

Q: Do I need to buy any equipment to follow the program?

A: You do not HAVE to buy anything. However there are some inexpensive self healing devices that are powerful when used with the Break Free Muscle Healing System

Q: I have fibromyalgia. Will this program relieve my pain?

A: If you have dense scar tissue in your muscles this system will be a big help. It could relieve fibromyalgia pain caused by poor tissue quality.

Q: What’s the difference between the Break Free system and Graston technique, Myofacsial release, Active Release, deep tissue massage etc.

A: The difference is that this system focuses on removing dense scar tissue with techniques that can be quickly learned by anyone.

Q: Do I need a partner to do the Easy Glide technique?

A: You can do the Easy Glide technique on every part of your body without a partner. There are however some body parts that are easier if a partner performs the technique on you.

Q: I’m sensitive to pain. Will I still be able to do the Easy Glide technique?

A: Yes, if you’re willing to understand the different kinds of pain, and how pain gives feedback about the condition of your body. If you’re not willing to find out the difference between happy pain and pain that is harming you, then no.

Q: Is this a daily program?

A: Daily use of this routine is not recommended. Your body needs time to heal between sessions. You can get results with as little as one session per week.

Q: When will I get the program after I buy it?

A: The program is available for immediate download.

Q: Are my credit card and personal information safe?

A: Yes, I use a secure online retailer called Clickbank. They have been processing online payments since 1998 and have done billions of dollars of sales.

Q: Will I be billed more than once?

A: No. This is a single transaction and the program is yours to keep for life.

Q: Is this just another scam trying to take my money?

A: This is not a scam. This is a simple and powerful program based on the emerging science of soft tissue therapy. It is designed to help you live a life free of pain as it has for me.

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