How CBD can enhance your efficiency within the gymnasium, open air, and in your every day life

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Within a few years, CBD has exploded in the wellness world. Apparently in an instant it went from “CBD? This is weed, isn't it? “To be featured in bougie supplement stores that look like Apple stores across the country. wadays, CBD is available in a dizzying variety of shapes and styles: lotions, tinctures, capsules, baked goods, coffee – even in pet foods. The market is booming and you have probably heard occasional references to CBD in one form or another that will help someone with pain relief, recovery, sleep or stress. Athletes in particular are increasingly promoting its wonderful properties.

So what about CBD and should you consider it as part of your diet, exercise or recovery regime?

CBD is a cannabinoid, but not the one that creates the high that you associate with inhaling or taking marijuana – that's THC. While full-spectrum CBD products typically contain small amounts of THC to be legally sold in the U.S., CBD oils must contain less than 0.03% THC, which is far below the amount required to cause a psychoactive response. Broadband CBD products and CBD isolates have no detectable THC at all.

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The CBD that you keep hearing about comes from hemp plants, not from marijuana, and the two cannabinoids are just cousins ​​in the large family tree of cannabis. Another family member? Beer's resinous bitter maker, hops – if you tip back a pint that smells vaguely of weed, it's because hops, marijuana, and hemp all share aromatic oils called terpenes. So, yes, a cannabis house vacation is probably a good time.

But none of this explains the therapeutic properties of CBD. To find out how it can help with such a long list of problems, you need to understand the concept of homeostasis or the balance between all body systems.

Science discovered a few decades ago that the human body naturally produces cannabinoids and actually has an entire network within the nervous system called the endocannabinoid system (good work, science!). CBD binds to receptors in this system and scientists believe that they act as neurotransmitters. Studies show that CBD supports reduced inflammation, calms nervous responses to stimuli, reduces anxiety and promotes healthy brain function. There is even an FDA-approved CBD-based drug for treating epileptic seizures.

So CBD is a powerful point. However, what makes it particularly effective for athletes are the above-mentioned anti-inflammatory properties.

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If you're a gym rat, a crossfit enthusiast, or just a lover of bodyweight exercises, you know the pain that occurs the day after a particularly hard-hitting workout. CBD capsules and whole body treatments such as Elixinol's omega turmeric CBD capsules have been deliberately developed to soothe and support muscle tension. Adding a dropper of Elixinol's Daily Balance CBD tincture under the tongue helps to balance a tired body.

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Overdo it on a run? Calves bark after a hard hike? A daily CBD supplement can help, but it goes straight to the source with a topical product like Elixinols Sports Gel, which adds capsaicin and arnica in gel form that can be quickly and easily absorbed by the skin. Massage sore muscles to relax.

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Even if you don't crush it every week in the gym, on the trail, or in the pool, a full-spectrum capsule like Elixinols Body Comfort CBD can help with the daily wear and tear of sitting at desks, working around the house, or chasing kids. Loaded with the herbal extract Boswellia for joint health and muscle support, like most CBD products, it has the added benefit of relieving occasional stress and anxiety and promoting sleep hygiene.

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To take full advantage of CBD, you need to know which products are best for your system. However, product lines like Elixinol's offer a variety of combinations and delivery mechanisms to help you find out what works best to improve your performance in the gym, outdoors, or during your daily life.

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